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On our return to Santorini we made our way to our new accommodation, and this one was a fine sight better than the first, with a beautiful room in a large Greek villa which had a nice sized swimming pool and a crazy Greek/Australian couple as hosts.  The owner was a big character, who done the best he could to make us feel welcome and give us advice on what to see and do.  We weren't staying all that far from where we stayed on our first visit to the island, so we had our bearings straight away which helped us get settled.  

We decided to hire a quad bide to help us get around the island, as we were yet to see the far side of the island away from the capital of Fira, which is home to a little town called Oia.

 It is reputed to have the best sunsets on the island, and although its away from the stunning views of the centre of the caldera that make Fira so special, it is said to have stunning views all of its own.  Sold!  We spent our first day in Fira itself, enjoying more of the lovely narrow streets and beautiful views that are all around the town.  Its hard to do it justice in words really, hopefully the pictures do so some bit, but sitting on a wall looking down on the only such water filled caldera in the world that is often home to stunning gigantic cruise ships that only compliment the view.  It has to be seen to be believed I think!  

We made a point of driving the extra 3 1/2 miles to Oia, no small feat on a quad bide as although they are powerful and comfortable enough, it definalty takes a little longer and you feel it more than a car.

 The drive to Oia was simply stunning, as the coastal road wound its way along the Mediterrain coast, and we raced past the other quads and cars to try and make the sunset.  We did so with time to spare and enjoyed the lovely views around Oia, which with its strange old windmills and little coves and crags was a real gem.  We joined the hundreds waiting for the sunset in one of the prime locations, and sure enough it was a sight, similar to an Ibizan sunset where the affect of the mediterrain horizon makes the sun seem to stretch from its round shape into an elipse as it dips into the ocean.  As with Ibiza you can stare right at the setting sun without huring your eyes, something we don't always see back home, so it was something special.  As soon as it set we set off as we did not feel too comfortable driving the roads at night with our quads little headlights guiding the way.
 We made it home safe, and tucked in looking forward to another 2 days before home.  

We spent the next day by our hotels pool, really enjoying the sunshine and chatting to the other couples who were staying at the accommodation.  That night our hosts very nicely asked us along to their favourite resturant on the other side of the island, and with their lovely 2 kids we piled into their car and set off as the sun went down.  We found a lovely little local resturant tucked away from the hustle and bustle, and we were able to choose our own fish which had been caught that day which they grilled for us with herbs and spices.  Bloody gorgeous!  Our final day was a mix of the beach, our pool, another final lovely meal in a local resturant and then packing ready for home.  That was done with a heavy heart as the Greek lifestyle of lovely fresh food and salads with glorious sunshine and beaches, well funnily enough that appeals to us both!  It was a great two weeks, and Santorini will stay with us for a long time.

sylviandavid says:
Great blog. Your last paragraph is the same for us.
Posted on: Feb 18, 2012
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