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So what is the main difference between a travel and a holiday? This is a question posed to me many times, when I correct people that I am not taking a holiday, or a vacation, but I am going travelling. Well, to me the main differences are the relaxation level, luxury level, and amount of places seen. I personally love budget travel, and whilst doing this type of travel, I often feel rather dirty, stay in cheap hostels, with little/no luxuries, and see many places or even countries within a matter of days. A holiday to me is going to a hotel for a week or so, and pretty much, do not leave. Hotel normally has a nice pool/is on the beach etc. Niiiiiice, but I also love travelling tooo! :) There are also other trips which don't reeeally fit into either category, such as weekend trips, visiting friends, etc, but most you can define!

Ok, so I have been to quite a few places. In summary I shall list my "holidays" and my "travels":


May 1997: Finland (on a school trip! :) ) Went to Helsinki and Espoo
June 2006: Turkey with 6 friends. Went to Bodrum with a package tour company. Was a fab trip, and had some great memories with great mates
June 2007: Lido de Jessolo, and Venice, Italy and one day in Croatia, with a holiday company and 4 friends. Great trip...
Jul/Aug 2008: New York and Canada. Visited a friend and saw some amazing things.
Feb 2009: Norway. Bit between travelling and a holiday. Went to visit a friend, but saw a few places in the country. it was cooooold!!! 
Aug 2009: Luxor and Cairo, Egypt. Went with my Mum. Hotel was 5* and a.m.a.z.i.n.g!!! Loved it!!


Jul 2002: School music tour of Belgium (Ghent/Bruges mostly). Went jointly with another school to bless the world with our wonderful music! :P
Feb 2003: Short trip to Amsterdam with some people from college....and no I did not go to the "coffee shops"....
Apr 2004: "Educational" trip to Brussels (Belgium) and Paris (France). Was cheap, got to go up the Eiffel tower, and to Disneyland! Result!!!
May 2005: New Zealand. One month in this beautiful country on my own. Also did a coach tour to get from one place to another. My first taste of the real adventure that can be had whilst travelling. Stopped in Sydney on the way back for a few days too.
May 2007: Africa. Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Did these 4 countries on an overland truck. Dirty, hot and not luxurious at ALL, but loved every second!
Jan 2009: Short trip with a friend to Edinburgh. Was so poor, and we did budget travel to the extreme!!
May 2009: Thailand. Backpacked around Thailand with a friend.
May 2010: Munich (Germany) and Salzburg (Austria). Went for a long weekend. Stayed in an awful hostel, weather was awful, but enjoyed it ne the less!!!
June 2010: Budapest (Hungary). Stayed in a hostel, but was not all that impressed with the city to be honest. Met some amazing people though.

Other trips which don't fit either catagory:

Jul/Aug 2004: Lebanon. Went out to volunteer with children as part of a team.
Nov 2009-May 2010: Monaco, Monte Carlo. Worked here for 5 months.
May 2010-Present: Solothurn, Switzerland. Working here at the moment.
And of course all over England and Wales, because I am English..... :)


My fav places are Monaco, because it is just a sight to behold. People there are so rich, and don't have anything else to do with their money other than buy designer goods, and dress their little dogs up in pink coats and stuff. Very entertaining! :P A place called Pai in Thailand. It is in the middle of no where, 4 hours from Chiang Mai, and is just a total backpackers places to eat and sleep, and just beautiful. Oh there are so many amazing places...I could go on forever, but those are my 2, totally different contrasting favourite places! :)

Am looking forward to my next trip starting next week. I shall be off to Berlin, Prague and Dublin. I am really excited particuly about Dublin, and Berlin. Prague is one of those places I am visting to make up my own mind about. lots of people love Prague, (but saying that....lots of people I spoke to also loved Budapest, but i really wasn't impressed at ALL!) I have heard a few bad things about Prague, but will have to see for myself! My train tickets from Berlin to Prague have not turned up though yet! Booo...:( I am then going back to England for a bit to see friends and family, which is cool.

I just figure the world is so so big, and there is so much to experience, why wouldn't I if I have the chance? I am only 24, I have no ties (ie...children, mortgage etc) so I am seeing as much of the world as I can!! YAY!!!!!

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