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Some friends I met

One last thing to do before I leave Chenni, ride a city bus. These things are chaotic, they have open windows and jam pack them with people. They dont even come to a complete stop at the bus stops, they just sort of slow down and glide through them. Then people just cram into the bus and the last ones on are usually hanging onto the outside of the bus. Then there is always a few straglers chasing after the bus.

So this morning, I figured out which bus I needed to get back near my hotel and then spent most the afternoon riding buses around town. I sat in the seats, stood, hung on the side, hung on the outside, everything. This was really fun, it was almost like a ride for me. Sometimes I would get off and look around and then hop back on.

After spending most the day doing that I figured I would go back to Marina Beach since I had a few hours.

Pack of dogs
This time it definitely wasnt as packed but it was a holiday so there was no school which meant lots of kids, and they all wanted me to take their picture. The funny thing was, they didnt even want me to take it with their camera, they wanted me to take pictures of them with my camera.

The beach is where all the stray dogs gather as well. There are a lot of old debree on the beach like wood scraps, old boats, tables and they all like to dig under them to keep cool. Well I watched the dogs for awhile and started to see that they had little turf wars. They usually would stay in packs of 4 or 5 and when a loner would come they would gang up on him. I even saw one dog who must have gotten into it with other dog recently because it was missing an eye and still had blood down his face.

The dog on the left is missing an eye

I tried to sit and read under on the side of a fishing boat today but people kept stopping me and wanting to talk, so a after awhile I figured I'd better head back and get ready to go to the airport.

We had to leave our hotel at 8:00 to catch our 11:00 p.m. flight. The flight was 4.5 hours to Singapore and Singapore was three hours ahead, so we wouldnt be getting much sleep tonight...

Things I'll miss about Chennai, India

1: Food: the food here is better than anywhere I've ever had. Everything you get is loaded with spices and good in it's own way.

2. Eating: I love eating with my hands, it just makes the meal so much better.

3. Pampered: I'll miss never having to open a door, poor a glass, lift a bag or anything else like that after staying at our hotel.

4. Auto Rickshaws: These guys get a bad rap, everyone says they over charge but I didnt really think so. If anything they would go up 100 rupees which was like $2.00. They are the easiest most efficient way to get around and they are a blast.

5. Shopping: It is going to be hard going back to Des Moines and actually having to pay the original price on something. No haggling or anything.

kjy1212 says:
I visitied Chennai last summer for medical volunteer activity. It was unforgettable memory. This post reminds me of that memory. I miss the people, cows, food(especailly Cury) and even though the trashes in Chennai :D Thanks for sharing your trip to Chennai.
Posted on: Jul 21, 2010
beetles108 says:
Posted on: Jul 21, 2010
mightor20 says:
i have to agree with eating with hands. we do that in the phils. too. :D
Posted on: Jul 18, 2010
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Some friends I met
Some friends I met
Pack of dogs
Pack of dogs
The dog on the left is missing an …
The dog on the left is missing an…
Thought this was pretty funny
Thought this was pretty funny
photo by: Marusya