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The crew I played soccer with

Erin is starting to grow to like Indian food and I still LOVE it but we are both starting to miss American breakfast. All we want is some American cereal with some good skim milk. Both countries have had different types of breakfasts that have been good...for a couple of days. Now we will see how were doing in two more weeks.

Today once Erin had left for work I hired a driver to take me to the Crocodile Bank. This is kind of like a zoo for a bunch of reptiles, I was really excited because it got pretty good reviews on the internet. Arriving at the place it seemed everything that I thought it was going to be. It had more alligators/crocodiles than I even knew existed. It even had some crocs that I have only see on t.v. and not in a zoo. You could pay 50 rupees and feed the alligators some meat, so I obviously wasted a couple hundred rupees on that.

Padma's friend, Padma, Erin, me, Kasthuri (Padma's husband)
I had a lot of un just walking around reading the info about the animals and then just watching them. It was a lot different than most zoos because you could see all the animals and they all were pretty active, not just sleeping or laying around.

In the end I was kind of disapointed because I was told their were cobras and all they had were a few different kinds of pythons, nothing you wouldnt see on an average day in my classroom. Once leaving the park I finally tried a coconut, they are everywhere here and are supposed to be good for you. Everyone says they help cool your body and I was relly hot so I bought one. He hacked off the top and put a straw inside. It wasnt too bad besides it being really warm. Then when I finished he hacked in two and gave me one half which had this slimy stuff inside which was disgusting.

croc bank
 I believe it worked because I was actually not as hot afterwards.

After leaving the Croc. Bank I went to this four-wheeling track that I saw on the way. It looked really cool, it had sharp turns, pretty big jumps and was a dirt/sand track. When we got there I found out that it was pretty expensive, about $15 but I really wanted to try it. The guy set me up with a 500 cc 4 wheeler and was explaining everything to me, I didnt want to be rude and tell him that I know how to ride one. Once I got on and tore around the first corner he was probably a little confused. I went around once and hit each jump pretty fast sending the 4 wheeler flying, and then went around once and stopped to see if I can change 4 wheelers. 500 cc is really big and made more for going in woods and built not to get stuck, not to go off jumps.

He said "oh no, you want 500 cc, its very powerful." So this time I went around even faster and hit the jumps going as fast as the 4 wheeler could go and each time I landed I thought either the 4 wheeler was going to die or I was. Either way, it was fun, once I knew that he didnt care that I was getting air on his big 4 wheelers, well I guess you could say that I went to town. Sadly the $15 dollars only lasted me about 10 minutes. In the long run it was a rip-off.

Before heading home I wanted to check one more sight out called St. Thomas Mound. It was a very large hill that had a church on top of it. It was a very steep road up and on the way we saw a really nice school built into the hill. The top of the hill was very beautiful, you could see all of Chennai and it is much larger than I thought it was.

One side of the mound was fields and small villages and the other side was the city. At the top was a church with a few monuments, a crucification, John Pope II and Mother Theresa. I went into the church to pay my respects and got in trouble for going in with my shoes on! On the way back down the hill we past a big open gravel pit next to the school that a bunch of kids were playing soccer in. So I had the driver turn around and take me over there. I got out and asked them if I could play. When I first arrived they were just kind of playing a big game of keep away, so I organized two teams, tucked in shirts vs. untucked shirts. This was really fun for about 5 minutes until 15 kids turned into 30, then it was just too many people to play.
 So they asked if I wanted to play a game called monkey on the mound which was just monkey in the middle. We got in a HUGE circle and had a few "monkeys" and kicked a ball around trying to keep it away from them. This worked pretty well until one by one they got distracted and just wanted to ask me questions. My driver said they asked him if I was a professional soccer player...only if they knew. I had to explain to them that I only played for fun and I was there just for a little bit and not there to coach them. After about an hour or so I had to leave because it was so hot and my feet were killing me, I played barefoot because they all were and I had sandals to begin with.

Arriving back at the hotel I needed to shower and get ready because Erin and I were invited to have dinner at Padma's house tonight.

By the time I got ready Erin had got home and was ready so we took a taxi. Padma and her family were very nice, we met her husband who is retired now and a few of her friends that she invited over. It was a very fun time because their English was better than most so we had some really good conversations. She told us about all of her family and we looked at TONS of photos that went along with the stories.

Erin was a little nervous going over at first knowing that we were going to be eating home-made Indian food and eating with our fingers. Once we got there you would have thought she was a pro. I have been very proud of Erin this trip, she is becoming very culturized. She's trying foods that she would have never normally tried, eating with her fingers, riding rickshaws, walking around with agendas.

St. Thomas Mound Church
This trip is helping both of us grow and learn new things that we will never forget. Best part is, we still have two more weeks and two more countries.

dhhockman says:
thanks Frans, I'm loving it here!
Posted on: Jul 15, 2010
fransglobal says:
This is a great blog!
Posted on: Jul 14, 2010
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The crew I played soccer with
The crew I played soccer with
Padmas friend, Padma, Erin, me, K…
Padma's friend, Padma, Erin, me, …
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