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Maybe it's against the point of this site to blog about your hometown, but I don't care...

So, I've lived in Oklahoma City since 1995. Coming here from Los Angeles was a big adjustment. I lost all my California friends in that move (which was pre-internet-becoming-mainstream) and had to start all over in a city I knew nothing about.

But in 2007, I can honestly say I'm glad that move happened. My time in OKC has been awesome and I'm growing roots here. My youth was filled with moves, so I wondered if I'd ever get to set root anywhere for more than just a few years. But it happened and I now consider Oklahoma City my home.

It's only in the last 3-4 years I've been able to really feel so positively strong about this place. It's funny what friends and familiarity will do to you, huh? But it wasn't just that. OKC has grown on me because it's honestly a pretty great town. Little pollution. Crime isn't a major problem. With almost 1.5 million people, OKC is big enough for the things that make living in cities so great, but has a small-ish feel that gives The  City a slower, relaxed pace.

So why am I putting so much effort into a journal entry about my hometown? Because I want to promote OKC to the world, and it's looking like TravBuddy is a great place to do that. I realize that OKC isn't a main stopping point for international travelers when coming to America, so that's why I created this. In hopes that someone might read this and decide to make a side trip to my fair city just to see what it's all about.

So what would you find upon coming to OKC? You'd discover a city in the process of a major overhaul. OKC is coming together with revitalization projects that is making the area more attractive to live and more attractive to tourists as well. You'll run into great people who are nice and will look you in the eye and say "Howdy!" as they pass you. And downtown has plenty to offer, from Bricktown to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial to the Civic Center and Art Museum. Don't forget the Myriad Gardens and Crystal Bridge, either.

Okay, so enough of my convention and visitors bureau propaganda. I have many great stories about Oklahoma City and plan to share them on here in future installments. I also created this section as a home for my OKC pictures, so others could see them and learn more about the great city I've fallen in love with.

OKC will never be New York, Boston, Chicago, Miami or Los Angeles. But that's the point. It's different here. It's great in its own way. Come check us out sometime.

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