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This morning our local guide, George, brought us down to the water's edge to see the view. Wow. I mean you have never seen a view like this before. Humongous skyscrapers linking the water with pointy, green mountains climbing behind them. Clouds hugging the top of each peak. Breathtaking.

We got on a dragon boat and took a two hour cruise of the harbor. I loved it. It was hot but breezy and very relaxing. We circled the harbor and listened to the guide tell us about the different sections and buildings. I saw the buildings and section of the city they used to film that scene in "The Dark Knight" where Batman dives off the top of the tallest building and crashes though the window of another.

Then the plane flies by and scoops him up. We putted through the fishing areas and typhoon shelters. We saw the shipping areas and dry docks. There were tons of freighters and cruise ships coming in and out of the harbor. I thought of my dad and how much he would love this.

After our cruise we headed to lunch and then we boarded a tram to climb up to Victoria Peak. This red, caboose looking train thing climbed a steep angle and brought us up the side of the mountain above all the skyscrapers. The view from the top was amazing! At the top was none other than shopping malls. George tried to give us 30 minutes to shop. "More!" we shouted. We were able to bargain for 15 extra minutes. Some of these kids were waiting until today to do all their shopping.

It is annoying that they don't give them much time. I had a little entourage of boys in tow due to previous behavior problems. There was a group of Chinese tourists that were melting over one boy. They were taking his picture and asking for his autograph. They may have thought he was Justin Beiber. The same group of kids were practicing their English and asking us interview questions.

After shopping we headed down to another section of Hong Kong where all the fisherman live on houseboats. We hopped on these little boats and drove out to a houseboat where an old woman lived with her son. This thing was a dump. Very dirty, low quality living. George said that fisherman in Hong Kong will soon be extinct because the sons and daughters are becoming more educated and want better jobs. I can see why.

We then headed to another shopping area.

This was a flee market type place. Jill and I headed straight for the purse knock-offs. They were buy one get one free for 300RMB. The problem was that I was out of RMB and they didn’t' take credit cards. The store owner agreed to take our US money so it ended up costing about $20 a piece. I was torn between a Dolce and Gabana and a Jimmy Choo but ended up with the D&G. The tag on the purse says Dennis and Gill. How funny! We walked around a few more stores and Jill got a plate for her parents then we headed to dinner.

After dinner we made one more stop at the water front. The sun had gone down and the whole city was lit up. It was very similar to Shanghai at night but, in my opinion, better. I really like the mountainous backdrop. We walked along Hong Kong's version of Hollywood Stars. We didn't recognize anyone's names though. Lots of Asians. I don't want to ever leave this spectacular place.

Back at the hotel we set up a room for the kids to have some free time and sign each other's journals. We gave our gifts to Kitty and then sat down at the lounge and split a bottle of wine as a last night celebration. We told the kiddos that room checks were at 11 but we didn't go up until close to 12:30 at which point they all when scurrying into their rooms like field mice trying not to get caught by the cat.

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