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After we got through customs we met our delegation manager, "Kitty". Her real name is Fu Tian but she goes by Kitty because she likes Hello Kitty. Immediately Jill and I were joking about "Kitty Cat" (use your best Wedding Crashers imitations). So right away I love her. I think we may have broken our bad DM curse. She is very cute and enthusiastic. Now, if you have read my P2P travel blogs before you know that they usually whisk us off to some crazy activities that we don't remember because we are so tired. Kitty gave us the best news ever... we were going straight to the hotel! I was so excited. We were able to shower and rest for 2 hours before dinner. It was fabulous! After Jill and I showered, we decided to try charging our electronics. The hotel had outlets that fit lots of country's plugs. I was able to charge my IPod without an adapter. I think the power was too strong though because it charged in record time. I hope I didn't mess up my IPod. Jill plugged in her flat iron and started using it. About three minutes in, it started smoking. The whole room smelled like smoke and burnt hair. All of the smooth enamel and plastic cover burnt off. I suggested that Jill through it away, but she was reluctant hoping it would work again once it cooled down.

          Our hotel is the Rainbow Hotel, Beijing. It is 4 stars and looks pretty fancy in the lobby. The rooms are on the small side and the beds are hard as rocks. The pillow on the bed feels like a bean bag. Thank God Jill went to the concierge to get us more pillows. When we went to exchange money the clerk was very particular about the US dollars I changed. He would not except three of my 20's because they had pen marks or folds in them. I had to trade with Jill. Then he gave me some garbage looking ripped up Chinese Yuan. I felt like telling him that I would not accept his dirty money. It was crazy how particular he was about it. He even wrote down the ID numbers for each bill.

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photo by: Deats