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We got to sleep late today and had a very relaxing morning to re-pack our bags and prepare for our long journey home. It feels bitter sweet to be leaving. I miss my dog, my bed, and a choice in food but I really could have spent another week in Hong Kong. It was by far my favorite city.

After lunch we drove back to the airport. George pointed out where Hong Kong Disney Land was and the tram up the mountain to the Big Buda. I am very upset that we never made it to that Buda. I had read about it prior to my travels and was really looking forward to seeing it. Next time.

At the airport we got our tickets and checked our luggage in. One student was over the weight limit and had to put some of his stuff in a box. I stayed behind with him while the rest of the group went through security. When he and I went to go through we found out that Kitty's flight back to Beijing was in another area and she could not go through with us. I gave her a big hug for the group but we were all heart broke that she could not say, "goodbye" to everyone. Kitty told us that in Mandarin there is not word for goodbye. They say, “zai jian.” The loose translation is, "I hope to see you again soon".

Our flight was on time. I ended up switching with a student who was in the front by herself. Finally some peace and quiet! I made friends with the girl next to me and her mother. They were connecting from Bangladesh and had just had a horrible fifteen hour layover stuck trying to get Visas. Their final destination was LA. They had special Muslim meals and boy am I glad I don't have dietary restrictions like that because whatever they were eating looked nasty! Weird yogurts and pastes and stuff. No thank you.

I did not sleep on this plane as much as I tried my hardest. For some reason they sat me in the freezer section of the plane. I was bundled up in my hoodie and blanket and still frozen to the bone. The nice Muslim ladies and I kept ringing our call button to ask the attendants if they could please, for the love of Ala turn down the AC. No dice. We did not have our own vent controls either. Jill, who was two seats behind me, was perfectly toasty. She kept coming up to my seat to see what movie I was watching. She had a hard time hearing herself though because she was yelling, "WHAT MOVIE ARE YOU WATCHING". I am sure all the sleeping people around me were happy about it. I did end up watching five or so movies. At the end of one I was crying (sad ending) and felt so stupid sitting there in my dark seat on the plane crying to myself. I started laughing and had to go to the bathroom to clean my face off. Dork. Another contributing factor to my lack of sleep are the high-tech designed seats on Cathay Pacific Airlines. The idea is that you don't lean back and disturb you neighbors. Instead, you cushion sort of slides forward and down making you slouch. I really didn't have a problem with this on the flight to China but for some reason on this flight I was ready to rip my chair off its bolts, open the tightly hatched plane door and send it plummeting into the Pacific. Maybe it would land someone on the island of Lost with Jack and Sawyer. Okay, I know grumpy pants. I will be happier in the next blog.
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