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I flew Wizz Air, again, so it was a train to Eindhoven but, not as early, thankfully. Everything was on time so, my train, and bus, and plane, and van all worked out to make my journey to Prague an easy one.

It was a hot and sunny day, something that I haven’t experienced here before. I’ve been here only in the winter time so. Prague gets really, really hot and the number of tourists increases by a factor of 10 or maybe 20.

The Apartments Puskin is in a great location. It’s very close to the Charles bridge and to the Old Town Square. It’s fantastic! The room is generously sized and even had a kitchenette. There was no a/c which was worrisome. It was very hot but, we were provided a nice fan and it was ok.

The friendly and talented artist - Lenka Vankova

Rob would arrive in a few hours, so I did have some time to enjoy Prague, alone. I, first, walked to the Vltava River and the Charles Bridge. The view of the bridge’s towers and across to Prague Castle is always surreal. I feel transported.

It is a clear and sunny day. Everything looks so vibrantly colorful. People are out in paddle boats and canoes enjoying the water. Some are even swimming. It is very hot so, I wouldn’t mind joining them.

There are so many people here, it’s insane The bridge is so crowded that much of the way we are all shoulder to shoulder.

I browse the many street vendors, artists, and jewelry makers along the bridge, like I have done before. Some are the same and some are new.

I stopped for an artist’s works.

Lenka's beautiful perspective on a quiet Prague
These were different. She had only a few and they were of layered color, in a more traditional Slavic folk style. She had a sophistication to them but, it was folk. She had done many with the expected landscape / cityscape Prague views but, there was one, a special piece, that spoke to me. There is a place near the Castle side of the bridge where , from the river banks, you are able to see where two bridges cross and the river is split. I spotted this on my first journey here. It’s a very special, peaceful spot. It is where the royal and the local cross each other. This painting represents that spot. If you know Prague, then you know this special spot. If you don’t then, you have no idea where it is from. I like this because it’s is my special spot that is private unless I share it’s location with you.

The artist and I had a long and colorful conversation about her art and she seemed to understand that I appreciated it for it’s content and not just as a souvenir. She offered me a lower price for it and I gladly accepted. I went for more cash and would return shortly.

I found a bank and withdrew some cash, stopping briefly to get some water and snacks. I decided that before returning to the bridge, I would stop in at the shop that Karen and I found on our journey here, together. The shop specializes in glass and ceramics of the region based on designs from the 5th - 16th centuries. They have Gothic, Viking, and Baroque designs, not to be found elsewhere. There are even beverage holder designs of ceramic with attached metal decorations.

I looked around and found many desirable items. I took pictures for Karen to see the current selection and would bring Rob by tomorrow.

It had been longer than I had planned but, I approached my blonde artist with the woven hat. She was happy to see me. I apologized for taking so long as I’m sure many people say “I’ll be right back” and never come back. I don’t do that. She told me that the painting had been in an art exhibit in France, previously. It still had the gallery numbering on the back. She said that she only offered them her best work. I was sure of that. I took a picture of her, smiling in the sunshine. She offered her hand in friendship and thanked me for my appreciation of her work.

I was so very hot!

I took a few more pictures while enjoying the bridge and then continued to my museum choice of the day, Museum of Decorative Arts.

The museum’s collection of glass in the world but, space constraints limit the exhibition to only a fraction at a time. The museums collections include; the Votive Hall with it’s great treasure from Karlstejn Castle, the antique tapestries and Czech textiles of The Story of Fiber collecition, The Born in Fire exhibit which includes Bohemian Glass and Venetian Glass, Graphic arts and antique books of Print and Image Collection, Jewelry, pewter, and much more of the Treasure, and the amazing Horology Collection (clocks from many different eras).

There is also a special exhibition on the first floor of Czech glass showing the many different artistic styles and methods of working with the glass. You see everything from very fine and frilly to the cut chunky glass.

A not to miss, is the furniture that is peppered about in the many exhibition rooms. It is all exquisite and treasures in their own right.

I stopped at the apartment to drop off my piece of art and then headed out to the Town Hall. The Old Town square is one of the most amazingly special spaces in Europe. In one square you are able to see an architectural history spanning Renaissance, Gothic, Baroque, and Rococo.

I stopped by a gallery on the way and found the strangest sculptures of boxers in red, white, blue, and orange.

The square was full of people. People sitting on terraces having a drink or a meal. There was the typical gathering of each hour, on the hour. The astronomical clock goes through it’s lively and captivating celebration as death (a skeleton) rings a bell.

Out in the large center section, most of the space had been dedicated to a large screen offering the Nederlands vs. Uruguay voetbal match. The match had attracted many, many viewers. Nederlands won the match! We’re off to the finals!

The tower for the town hall had a sign for “panoramic view from the top”. I had to do this. When I have been to Prague in the off season, this is not possible. I was really excited to see the view over the buildings and out to the castle. I climbed to the 3rd floor to get the glass elevator to the viewing level.

The view out across Prague in the direction of the castle, with the sun setting, was priceless. The sky was so rich with color and the many spires standing tall above the tile roofs are things that are usually seen only on postcards.

From here you can see what was the center of a glorious Holy Roman Empire, at one time. It certainly is dressed for the part.

With each passing minute, as the sun was setting, the city’s lights came on revealing a new layer of interest. Prague is fully packed with beauty and having it highlighted only adds to its character.

What a vantage point. I’m so glad that I was able to experience the city in this different way. It just adds another piece to my knowledge puzzle of Prague.

I returned to the apartment. On the way Rob called. He had landed and would join me, soon.

After arriving, we walked down to the river and enjoyed a walk together on the Vltava. The castle ground’s lighting made it look like a theme park but… no other.

The night was very, very hot and loud. We both had difficulty sleeping but, we would rather be nowhere else. We were in Prague!

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The friendly and talented artist -…
The friendly and talented artist …
Lenkas beautiful perspective on a…
Lenka's beautiful perspective on …
photo by: vulindlela