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Next stop Delphi...

We crossed over the Corinthian Bay to reach Delphi. We visited the Archaelogical site where we saw the Temple of Athena, the theatre, athletic stadium as well as the Temple of Apollo. An amazing walk though this ancient civiliation  built on the Acropolis and protected by high walls.

The remains of the temples were amazing to be near by and again I could only imagine what it would have all looked like when first built. Of course we were only able to climb and walk through just a small portion of this ancient city but we appreciated the views of the mountains and the ruins.

We also visited the archaeological museum where we saw the naval of the earth.

I then wondered around town looking for some lunch and low and belold I found a souvlaki place. I was in heaven!! I walked into the restaurant and asked for a souvlaki to take away and a nice man offered to buy me my luch. Awww very sweet! All I did was speak Greek to him and before I knew it I had lunch. All still so surreal I was also offered a free glass of wine and a soft drink from the restaurant ower. My god could the day get any better I thought? haha!! Awesome day! My Greek came in handy again it seems.

We then had a shop stop at the memorial site of the 300 Spartans whos lives were perished and King Leonidas.

Then off we headed again...

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photo by: danielrice20