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My trip started with a little bus from kalanki as i paid 240 rs to the bus that drives me over to the border called as sunauli that connects nepal and india..but the best part is to take the night bus as you can sleep in the bus and next morning you can take a train to go to india since i didnt booked any train i had to go in the day and stay the half of the other day and then i finally got a ticket travelling in a train in india without booking of a ticket through the website is worse there is a pretty nice setting of website and print out the booking confirmation if you have a credit card its much that was my mistake so now you started to read this i hope you dont do the same thing like me. As describing about sunauli its a pretty like a trade point between india and nepal and there you can find buses to leave for vanarasi,newdelhi as well. Taking a bus to vanarasi is a nice idea as well since it takes only 9 hours its not a bad idea and it only cost you like Rs 240. My previous trip to vanarasi I did the same thing.
But this time i had to go to goa so i took the train to delhi its a 12 hours of train and it was quite comfortable ride not much of hassel and i found it really intresting with the people saleing stuff and all the passernger talking on the way it was really nice.I reached newdelhi on the next day i stayed in my brother's palce and took a train to goa the other day.. since taking a train to goa it took me almost 3 days to go there as it was offseason all the trains were empty and most of the seats were vacant mostly in season you dont get any seats but it was offseason and was good. i reached goa after 3 days and started to chill around the beaches as i was thinking to stay there for a long time i looked for a work and started working in the bar as abartender .and suddenly after 2 months all the beaches that were totally deserted were full of tourist and lot of things happening. For me it was total change the first beach that i went was colva beach which was indeed near to railways station and next day i hired abike for 400 rs and went to the trip to goa and finally met some people from poland and we to the anjuna beach together anjuna beach is the most beautiful beach i ever saw in goa that was the first time i started to work in the beach but after two days i changed my job to a different bar in goa i.e Hilltop Mango tree resturent and bar i worked here till 7 monhts and all we did was work and party .. there was always beach party here in places like curlies with trance techno electronic music and all we did after 10 o clock was start our bike and head to parties and drinking in the beach in the night as beer vodka was very cheap like 20-30 rs so it was exciting and the other part was drinking juice in goa as juices in goa was very famous i used to start my morning by drinking jucies and all it was nice.. and the best party i ever went was in christmas eve in a beach shack called curlies with the fire works and the sound of the waves moving around your ears and the fumes of magical herbs all the way in the sky it was a nice expericane even in the new year eve it was great .. but there are ofcourse other beaches as well like calangute and arambul but my stay in anjuna and vagatour was fun for february of 2010 i came back to nepal and now i am heading to study tourism in europe...hope europe will be great as well
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