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in Legon at the University Of Ghana
.....and your response should be "Amein" :-) In Ghana, when someone is trying to get the attention of others they say "agou (pronounced agoo)" and the response back to say that you are listening is "amein (pronounced amen)".

Day two in Accra, Ghana:

This morning we woke up in Africa for the first time. Breakfast was served to us in a separate building this morning. I had a cup of coffee, too. I brought some of the instant Starbucks Via...not bad :-)

We then left the Sun Lodge Hotel and went to visit Parliament. I had expectations for this visit because last time that I went I was amazed at the proceedings, but couldn't understand much that they were saying.
at Tesano Baptist Church
I found it interesting that I was able to understand more this time. They spoke English both times, but I was not used to their accents.

Parliament is very intriguing to watch. We got there early and sat in the public section with many students from a few visiting schools. It didn't start on time, like most things here. They call it "Ghana-maybe time." Well, there were just a few people in and then Madame Speaker and her leaders walked in a procession. Our tour guide Fusieni had something interesting to say about the Madame Speaker. She is the first woman to head parliament. He said that he looks forward to the day that there is a woman president. He said women who are in charge take care of it as if it were there do not. As they started the session, more people trickled in. I noticed that they bowed to her as they entered their aisles to go to their seats. She started the secession and it halted at the beginning. The minority speaker started talking about postponing something. The Minority leader started shouting that it would cause them to not be able to prepare for new elections if they were forced to stay in parliament until two days before.

We then came back for lunch. We ordered Red Red. It is a traditional Ghanaian dish which includes rice/beans with chicken/fish/beef and is normally served with plantains. It was, in the words of Ally from our last trip:  aaaaah-mazing. I even had one of the other girls take a picture of me eating them.

Next, we traveled to Ghana Christian University College. We stumbled across this place during our last visit. It has a beautiful campus. We met with the president and took a tour of the grounds. It was a long ride there. We went through very rural Ghana. This county has so many contrasts. You will see people walking around in traditional clothing and others in suits. Some will drink water from a bag and others will dine at fine restaurants. And, that is just the beginning. I'm sure to get into it more a little later on in my blogs. We also drove through the University of Ghana. We stopped and took pictures up on the hill. The town it is in is called Lego. Which means education on a hill. It was absolutely breathtaking standing on this hill overlooking Accra with a cloudy sky and nice breeze...

We then traveled back to the Sun Lodge. We walked down the street to the Tesano Baptist Church, where we will be attending service on Sunday. We met with their youth to have a discussion. Now, youth in their church consists of people in age ranging from 18-35. They asked us many questions, thought provoking questions. It was a great time. I don't think I can put into words the feeling of discussing issues with people our age in another country. It was overwhelming to say the least, but in a good way.

Supper was served when we returned and now I'm in the lobby on the computer :-) I can't believe it's only been two days! It feels like many more. I have loved this feeling of returning home. I feel so welcomed. Dr. Clerico has been introducing us and then pointing out that I'm returning and the reception is always kind words. When we drive around there are so many things that I continue to recognize. As we experience more and more, there are things that I did on the last visit, but have a new point of view on. I can't really describe it correctly. Just know that I don't feel like a stranger in a foreign country.

Tomorrow we will be bargaining for the first time on this trip. This is one thing that I struggle with. I get nervous, but I'm sure I'll warm up once I have tried it again. Sunday we will be leaving Accra for Cape Coast. I am really looking forward to returning to my students!

Good night and love to you all :0) Thank you for keeping up with me and my blog.

*I will be attempting to upload pictures tonight or this morning. I will attach one picture now :-)

clblevins84 says:
Mendasse (thank you) Burt!!! I will try to put another blog up in the morning. Much to say!!!
Posted on: Jul 12, 2010
Burtchacon says:
It is great to hear from your adventures in Ghana, Akwabaa!!!
Posted on: Jul 11, 2010
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in Legon at the University Of Ghana
in Legon at the University Of Ghana
at Tesano Baptist Church
at Tesano Baptist Church
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