Meeting my 1st TB as a local in Gold Coast, yay!

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Yadi & Shah

I haven't been able to log in on TB as often as I used to do it back in Lima. Yes, it was almost an addiction then, haha. Now I have new responsibilities aka uni / classes, furthermore the internet access in Oz is not that great. Peru might be a developing country, but the internet service is much better, sorry Aussies...

Finally I logged in and checked my profile. Then I found a comment from Shah. He lives in Canberra but was coming to Gold Coast with a couple of friends. How funny, he was asking me for tips regarding clubs were he could party, hahaha. I was hoping we could meet up on Friday, but... yes it was my fault... I fall asleep. I had a long week at uni and felt pretty tired.

2 clubs 1 night, not that bad
.. furthermore, my cellphone battery died...

Oh well, but there's always a tomorrow. That wouldn't happen to me twice, no no no. I had some plans with my flatmate and neighbours. We were having a couple of drinks at the complex and then moved to Surfer's. Once there I contacted Shah and let him know our location. I didn't tell my flatmate and neighbours how I knew the guys, the story would have been too long and complicated. So Shah and me decided to keep it simple and say he was my friend from Canberra, which wasn't false either...

It was so nice meeting up with him and his friends. They are really fun guys. Now I knew people from Adelaide too, yay! This will be very handy for my plans about exploring Oz, yay!!! We had a couple of drinks and danced for a while. Shah was telling me about South East Asia and that I should visit it. His friend has already been in Argentina and loved it. Now they have to go to Peru, but I'd prefer them to wait until I'm back there, so I could be the host :)

Somehow I was the local and it'd be great to visit Shah in Canberra, so he'd be the local that time, yay! It was about 3am when we left. I hope this was just the 1st one of several Meet Ups as a local in Gold Coast. And hope I can meet up with Shah in Canberra sooner than later.

yadilitta says:
Yes, I will try to squeeze a visit to SA as soon as I have the chance.
Posted on: Aug 25, 2010
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Yadi & Shah
Yadi & Shah
2 clubs 1 night, not that bad
2 clubs 1 night, not that bad
Gold Coast
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