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Boat trip

After getting of the ‘plane I jumped into one of the aircraft shuttle buses - sixteen dollars and it would drop me off at the door - excellent.

As the bus made the various drop offs I noted that the prestigiousness of the accommodation (and surrounding neighbourhood) decreased with each consecutive stop.

Needless to say I was last off the bus - pushed out into King’s Street next to a black transexual prostitute who was gyrating, smoking and leering in the street.

Classic gyrosmokeerering.

I walked passed a strip bar and crossed the street to my new home - Brado’s.

Brado’s was pretty rough compared with the hostels I’d been used to in South America; imagine a three story budget student house, but with between 6 and 12 beds in the rooms.

The opera house
Complete with dim lighting, beat up furniture in the tiny television room and a couple of toilets where you need to preserve your dignity by wedging a foot against the door.

That said the place was very sociable, with the owners being particularly helpful. Just a shame none of them seemed to have DIY skills or the inclination to tart the place up a bit.

I signed up for a party boat on the first night - good views of Sydney and good company - an Essex boy re-starting life in Oz and an English girl who was effectively working around Australia as a prostitute. Lovely girl, although not ideal girlfriend material.

At the end of the night it became clear that the air conditioning in my room didn’t work - net result a very sweaty and sleepless night.

A typical resident of the botanic gardens
Time for a bit of relocation…

My next stop, The Original Backpackers cost a couple of dollars a night more but was beautifully clean, had outdoor and indoor social areas and although only a street away was surrounded by cafes rather than titty bars.

During the day I mooched around Sydney with an American guy that was in my room - the opera house and botanical gardens were gently interesting.

On the night there was varying entertainment; a games night featuring a ‘love box’ which you stick your…

…valentines messages into for other hosteliers. Nada - no better than V-day in England then really.

There was also a BBQ/nightclub one night. The Barbie was free, but must have lasted about five minutes, so no food for me. The bar was a bit of a novelty in that you get cocktails in tea-pots - along with a warning that drinking directly from the spout is irresponsible and will result in being ejected from the bar!

Overall I found Sydney a bit seedy, very expensive and a little tedious by comparison with South America. Perhaps Melbourne would be better…

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Boat trip
Boat trip
The opera house
The opera house
A typical resident of the botanic …
A typical resident of the botanic…
Garden friends
Garden friends
photo by: Sunflower300