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Death's heads

Unsurprisingly I woke up with minutes to spare and had to hurriedly pack to make it outside for the 10 am pick-up. I then stood there for the next forty-five minutes - turns out that the Thai concept of punctuality is similar to that of Bolivians.

I squeezed into the mini-bus and appraised my bus-chums. Three Krayzee German girls (a bit too cool for my school) a spiritual American Woman, an Austrian couple and a diminutive (even compared to me) English lad bedecked in a tight pink T-shirt and pink/brown floral shorts. Surprisingly the spare seat was next to Pinko.

About 30 minutes into the journey my body started to remind me that I hadn't visited the bathroom that morning. The leg-crossing got bad enough that I had to ask the driver to pull over so that I could commune with nature on the roadside.

Luckily the hippy-chick also took the opportunity for a squat so I didn't feel to bad about holding everyone up.

The bus trundled onward - my splitting headache not being helped by the constant barrage of small talk from Pinko.

After a few hours we reached Chiang Rai, taking a half hour lunch stop next to the temple. There are a lot of Wats, or temples, in Thailand with most being carbon copies - dragons outside, gold building, red carpet anda  couple of tourists taking photos of a giant Buddha in one of his limited stock of poses.

The Chiang Rai temple is a lot different - it's a glistening silver white building, ornately decorated with a bridge, pools and adorned with imagery of death - skulls, hands reaching out from pits and confusingly a predator (from the movie of the same name) half buried in the ground. I grabbed some food, photographed the bejeesus out of the temple then popped back into the minibus.

We reached the border town hostel at about seven, with most people eating and going straight to bed. I made a slight detour to get some last minute malaria meds then did the same.

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Deaths heads
Death's heads
Luang Prabang
photo by: oxangu2