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As a big, European style city the danger was that I wouldn’t do much aside from drinking. I fell victim to this danger.

It turned out that English-girl from Florianapolis arrived in Santiago on the same day so we met up and went to the main drinking strip along with McBelgian from my hostel.

We’d had a few beers, dabbled in Luco Barros (strips of beef and a kilo of cheese in a burger bun) and were having a pleasant time, chatting a bit with the affable chubby waiter.

At some stage a dubious looking character came and asked for a drink or cigarettes. Quick as a flash Danny Devito the waiter ran over and punched him in the ear. There was a brief squabble, another ear punch, the guy with a red ear left and the smiles returned.

Hmm. I've stayed at worse places
A little disturbing. Ended up in a reasonable nightclub drinking bad Pisco sours.

The next day degenerated further. I met a few English and Brazilians in the hostel and ended up drinking all day, ending the night at 5 a.m, again full of beef, beer and way too much cheese.

The next day went similarly. On the way back from a pizza shop I made the gravest of open-toed footwear based errors - standing in a dog-egg whilst rocking flip-flops.

This could have been incredibly traumatic, but luckily it was a very dry deposit and didn’t stick, smear or burst. Awe-some! I also found a drink called mini-Pap, and a shop called Dong Bang which gently amused me. Oh yes my friend, the gods were smiling down upon me on this glorious day…

Hostel International had a lack of kitchen facilities and an angry old Frenchman who kicked off if anyone was talking after 2 a.

Big mother of Jesus
m. - me and McBelgium decided these were good enough reasons to move around the corner to Casa Roja. I’m glad we did; this place is an amazing old casa, great kitchen and it even has an outdoor pool.

The first day again degenerated into Escudo beer, but I did manage to go in the pool for a little bit. We then decided that it was time to do something at least semi-cultural so went to see the big statue of Jesus’ mum on a hill top. Not a lot to say - walked a few kilometres in baking heat and saw a statue covered in scaffolding. Culture levels slightly restored. Time for more beer.

Before I left I managed to get one of the ‘coffees with legs’ that Chile is famous for. At some stage an ailing coffe-shop owner figured out that if all the girls there were attractive and wore mini skirts he might attract a few more patrons.

Street shrine. It's the only shrine I know...

Twenty years on there are more than fifty of these shops in the centre of town alone - ranging from pretty waitresses in tight clothes to the more down market ones where you are essentially buying a two quid coffee from a prostitute in a bikini - and any *ahem* extras that you may want (cinnamon swirls, bagels, that kind of thing).

The trip to the airport was relatively painless although my flight was delayed by a couple of hours.

I’d popped outside for a cigarette and found the only seating available - an unattended luggage trolley. After a while a woman working at the airport drifted over. I was expecting to be told off, but it turned out she just wanted to share the trolley. We ended up chatting and at some point it became apparent that she was hitting on me, which was nice in a way. Bad timing though as I was about to fly half way around the world.

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Big flag
Big flag
Hmm. Ive stayed at worse places
Hmm. I've stayed at worse places
Big mother of Jesus
Big mother of Jesus
Street shrine. Its the only shrin…
Street shrine. It's the only shri…
The dog that bit me
The dog that bit me
Im lovin it
I'm 'lovin it
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