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Just desert

The next day I went to Huacachina. I couldn’t find out how to do this on the internet so here’s the skinny:

There’s a collectivo rank situated about 20m down Perez de Figueroa, just off the Plaza de Armas. These are car size collectivos, so once there are four people in it sets off to the Panamericana highway for the bargain price of 1.5 soles.

When you get out at the highway, turn right and walk about 20 metres to the bus shelter. Regular buses run to Ica for 4 soles.

Get off the bus at Ica and dive into a motorcarro - 3 soles and fifteen minutes to Huacachina. Let the sand boarding begin!

I arrived in Huacachina and booked my desert trip for that afternoon - no sense in wasting time.


The desert trip consisted of rattling up and down sand-dunes in a buggy for a few hours, which was like being in a rollercoaster with the odd blast of sand to the chops, and then a stop for sand-boarding.

I’ve never even snowboarded before and am generally a bit shit at most sports so wasn’t expecting to perform particularly well.

The first dune I went down perfectly. Slowly, but perfectly. Sand’s up dude! Despite my cockiness, the next few (steeper) dunes didn’t go so well. I got a bit of board-time, but found my hands pushing off the sand with greater frequency and I ate desert a couple of times. Good fun though and nice trifles.

More fun than the dinner I had that night with a bunch of Israelis. Top tip - don’t ask, ‘erm, but couldn’t the reason that some Palestinians don’t like Israel be to do with them thinking, rightly or wrongly, that some of the land was taken from them and they might feel that they want it back, possibly?’

Wrong. Apparently Palestinians hate Israel for no reason, plus they lost, plus they can just go and live somewhere else. Aren’t international relations great?

I did meet a hilarious dutch guy heading the same direction as me, so we decided to travel together for a bit. Onward to Nazca…


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Just desert
Just desert
Amusingly named chicken eatery. No…
Amusingly named chicken eatery. N…
Arty bottles
Arty bottles
photo by: yadilitta