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On the plus side, the scenery was nice.

Cochabamba to Oruro - 700 km. £ 2.25

You can’t really complain about a bus that only costs two quid. Well, you can if it was this bad.

The space between seats was small and I was trapped against the window by a fat guy so the only way to fit in was to bend up my knees such that my feet weren’t in contact with the floor - not an ideal start.

Nevermind, I could read my book until I was tired enough to sleep. It turned out that this was limited to one hour - the lights then went off and the mini light above me didn’t work.

The sleeping aspect was quite a challenge too: The coach stopped every three hours during the night for a toilet and roadside burger vendor break.

..and more nice views.
This was invariably accompanied by touts wandering onto the bus - anything from peanut sellers to a whiny kid playing a guitar.

Halfway to Oruro it just got worse. The road quality diminished leading to the coach rattling about. The window next to me didn’t lock properly and the rattling made it inch open as we travelled. I didn’t mention that it was freezing even with the window closed, or that the old woman behind me kept randomly grasping my seat. Either around the side so if I leant back it touched her withered fingers or less enjoyably, over the top so she effectively pulled my hair.

After about the fourth stop I kept getting blasts of a foul smell; I moved my nose to different angles for some time, trying to work out whether it was the fat guy letting off cheeky tommy-squeakers or if the old woman had soiled herself (earlier she’d had a mini gasping fit for two minutes, of course twinned with a shaking chair grab). I later realised that it was me - I’d trodden in a dog’s egg when getting my roadside burger on.

I arrived at Oruro thoroughly unrefreshed. After booking into a crap hotel (that had a midnight curfew) next to the bus station I wandered out for some tastless rice and chicken and booked my journey for the next day.

I didn’t really see much of Oruro, aside from the bus station and a lot of donkeys in the streets. I’m sure it’s lovely though.



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On the plus side, the scenery was …
On the plus side, the scenery was…
..and more nice views.
..and more nice views.
photo by: wilfredoc2009