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Super Trekking Team Go

Day two nearly killed me. I woke up feeling a bit squiffy to start off with. The guide had explained that the days trek would be 20 km - a little bit of uphill to start with, then flat the rest of the way.

We set off early but the sun was already baking hot. I wished I hadn’t lost my shorts (or had bothered to buy some more in the last three weeks) and realized I should reconsider my choice of the ethnic llama-wool socks.

To make matters worse, for the first few hours we were climbing up a mountainside with no shade and very few sections that weren’t painfully steep. At about mid-day my breakfast revisited me in three or four loud installments. I felt fairly weak, but there was no real option but to carry on. Just before we finally got to the peak of the mountain I chundered again. This time I had to lie down for about five minutes to stop myself passing out.

As the afternoon went on I started to feel marginally better - thanks in part to the six or seven bottles of water/energy drink that I bought from the old Peruvian drinks saleswomen who had thoughtfully dotted themselves around the trail. Indigenous.

We finally reached our almost end point - hot springs. After a beer in the pool we all decided that a taxi for the final part of the journey would be the best option; unfortunately we left it too late and ended the night with a forty five minute uphill hike in the dark. Needless to say we all slept well that night.

and sleep.

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Super Trekking Team Go
Super Trekking Team Go
Novel way to cross a river...
Novel way to cross a river...
photo by: Vlindeke