Jungle Trek - Day 1

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Bikes and hills

We got up early and were picked up by taxi, which dropped us by a minibus with the rest of the group - a French couple, three Argentinian girls and our guide, Phillipe.

After a good few hours in the minibus we got to our first stop - downhill mountain biking. The bikes were fairly good (the brakes worked) and there were even helmets, so all was well.

The cycling was pretty much all down hill, so no real pedaling required - just getting as fast as you dared before braking for a hairpin turn on the mountain. We went ‘off-road’ for a bit, which was the scariest bit where I felt like I was going to eat a dirt sandwich a few times. Overall a good three hours of family fun, although it left me with a sore barse (see Viz profanisaurus if you need the definition).

After this it was another minibus ride to our hostel, then back out again for rafting.

A seasoned professional by this stage, the grade 4 rapids didn’t phase me. No wetsuits this time though, but they still had life-jackets and a guy in a safety kayak should a rescue be required.

The main difference was that the captain of the raft was an adrenalin-junkie mentallist, which made things more interesting. One thing he enjoyed was ‘surfing’. To do this you paddle upstream into a wave, then dive to the front so the raft goes underwater and the back lifts up. As me and Irish-rover were at the front this meant that we were effectively the surf-boards rather than the surfers at the back.

The overall experience was like having your head repeatedly flushed down a toilet. Ambassador, with these ferrero drownings you are really spoilink us..

The mentallist also did his best to capsize the boat, taking us into ridiculous swells where we had to pile from one side of the raft to the other just to stop it from flipping over onto the rocks. Finally he made us all jump out and ‘bodysurf’ the river for a bit. All scary stuff, but good wholesome fun.

After this it was back to the hostel for a freezing shower in the dark. The light worked, but switching it on attracted a host of ridiculously massive bugs. Then a few drinks down the local pub and off to Bedfordshire.


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Bikes and hills
Bikes and hills
photo by: Vlindeke