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Isla del donkey poop

This time I got the tourist bus to Copacabana - it cost one pound fifty more but had nicer seats.

I’d wanted to do a couple of days on the Isla del Sol, but due to the impending Christmas day had to settle for the afternoon ‘tour’.

The tour was 15 bolivianos and involved a boat trip to Isla del Sol, a stop off at two cultural locations then the return.

The actuality was a painfully slow boat ride which was chock full of young English Ra’s. After listening to shouts of “Oh! How random!” and a gamut of ridiculous names such as Tarquin and Ulysses for two hours I was almost ready to jump out and swim, but luckily we’d reached the Island by then.

As I got off the boat various locals started waving tickets in my face and demanding 15 soles. I asked if it was for a museum or funny-shaped stone or something but apparently it was to step on the island!

I walked past them all and had a good tread on their land for free, which didn’t make it any more enjoyable.

The stop was for half an hour and a quick perusal of a map showed that this spot was effectively the starting point for the trail. Anything of any cultural significance or remote interest was more than half an hour away.

So I had a cup of tea.

We then got back on the boat and the boat pilot started asking us to pay for the island tickets. The general consensus was that if there was any pre-warning, or anything to see, then this would have been a valid request. A big group of French people started kicking off (in French) and then the boat just went straight back to Copacabana.

Oh, and it was raining.

All pretty un-awesome, really.

The next day I took a naff bus to Puno, then Peru’s finest - Cruz del Sur from Puno to Lima, changing at Arequipa.

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Isla del donkey poop
Isla del donkey poop
Isla del Sol
photo by: Paulovic