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Map of Peru made in various woods. Quality.

I spent the next couple of days in Iquitos, doing not much to be honest. I visited the anthropological museum, which has fibreglass casts of various tribes people. The local English (though written by right wing USA ex-pats) newspaper ‘Iquitos Times’ makes light of the tale that when some of the children were encased in plaster then their mothers screamed ‘please don’t kill my baby’. Hilari-fucking-ous.

Although with a single example of a tribesperson it is hard to spot racial variations, it seems to be more noticeable in my limited experience of the country. The more indigenous blooded people in Lima tended to have slightly jug-ears (why I wasn’t revered as some kind of god I don’t know).

Chief of the Huang-sna-per tribe
In Iquitos the women have standard ears, more defined bone structure and the blokes tend to look a bit like Jackie Chan.

It soon became apparent that there are three types of gringo in Iquitos.

1. The fifty plus USA ex-pat, dismissive of native Peruvians but quite happy to be banging an 18 year old one.

2. The medium term hippies. Again mainly from the USA - sporting gaunt features, dreads, headbands, flowy tie-die clothes and beads. Generally found talking about Ayahuasca with an unshakeable belief that because it’s from a plant it’s a spiritual journey and not a drug. Unlike coke and heroin or weed.

3. Travellers with a modicum of sense who tend to stay in Iquitos two nights; once before booking a jungle trip, once when they come back before leaving the town.

Suffice to say category three was the people I tended to be having a few beers with, so I decided to get myself some jungle action.


My grandad’s old bag had got a bit worse for wear, despite my valiant sewing attempts, so I purchased a small rucksack in Iquitos for my adventure. I ended up getting one with power-rangers and ‘school’ written on the back as it was 7 soles less than a non-embarrassing one.

I went through the checklist of things I would need to take with me; all of them were covered apart from candies to give as gifts to the indigenous tribes people.

So there I was with a packet of sweets and a cheeky smile, wearing a child’s schoolbag when I suddenly noticed a huge seven foot by fourteen foot mural on the wall next to me ‘Turisto! No sexo kids!’ [or similar in Spanish] with a huge no smoking style sign, but featuring a man holding a young boys’ hand rather than a picture of a cigarette. I hoped that this wasn’t linked to the old men’s shiftiness of a few nights previous, but more pressingly I really needed to put the fucking sweets away. And take off my sparkly Garry Glitter boots.


beldin says:
Freaking hilarious blog, mate .. Keep it up ... ;-)
Posted on: Aug 03, 2011
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Map of Peru made in various woods.…
Map of Peru made in various woods…
Chief of the Huang-sna-per tribe
Chief of the Huang-sna-per tribe
Good to see the stonemasonry skill…
Good to see the stonemasonry skil…
photo by: Ileamel