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Buenos tardes. I now have a Peru Mobile, if the need should arise then you can contact me on +(511) 01997620434.

I landed in Lima at half past midnight. Customs was a breeze; I had arranged a taxi so was met by a little Peruvian waving a card with my name on. “Meester Rreechard?“ How cute.

Then it went downhill slightly.

The guy didn’t seem to actually own a car, but slipped some dudero a few Soles in return for the key to a communal taxi. After a bit of searching he found the car which looked like it had been stolen from the Eastern Block before the Berlin wall came down, then shrunk slightly and fitted with comedically small wheels and finally thrashed mercilessly on the streets of Peru for a few decades.

I squeezed into the back and noticed there was a worrying lack of seatbeltiness. We sped off in what I now understand to be the traditional Peruvian driving style - go as fast as possible, overtake whenever you can and - the most worrying - if you see an intersection then you can just hammer it across as long as you beep twice to warn any other drivers that are probably doing exactly the same.

Added to this the driver had an aversion to using both hands; when he wasn’t making a call then he’d give his phone arm a much needed rest by cocking it out of the window, or occasionally use it to wipe a snot-rag over his face after one of his frequent fits of coughing or sneezing.

After a good half hour of squishing myself as low as possible in the seat and holding on for dear life to the door handle then I made it to the hostel. I was glad that pre-booking meant I had avoided getting some sort of cowboy taxi driver.

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photo by: rsvpme