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Beautiful morning

I was heading to La Paz, which apparently makes the hedonism of Cusco look like an episode of Rainbow, so thought a couple of detox days in Copacobana would be a swell idea.

I took an overnight bus from Cusco to somewhere near lake Titicaca. At about five a.m the bus stopped, a motley looking crew of ‘drogas’ officers got on the bus, had a half-arsed poke at a few bags then left. After another hour everyone for Copocobana had to get off the big bus and stand by the roadside in the rain for a bit.

One minibus pulled up that fitted half of us in. The woman herding us then pulled over another minibus, evicted a group of local women from it and we had our harshly obtained transport.

I was sat pretty much on the gearstick, but at least it was dry.

Beautiful evening

We then pulled up at border control. First the police station.

‘Where are you from?’


‘It’s much colder than here’

‘Well, about the same today..’

‘It’s much colder than here.’


Having given the correct answer my passport was stamped. Into another office to fill in a form, another stamp and bingo, I was in Bolivia. Into another tiny Jesus-sticker adorned minibus (again sat almost behind the steering wheel) and a twenty minute ride to Copacobana, where an ice storm was lashing down.

I did very little in Copacobana. Stayed in a five pound a night hotel, read the DaVinci Code and The Street Lawyer, ate some food and watched a few episodes of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. The last bit was the least enjoyable.

Fully rejuvenated, it was time to head to La Paz.


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Beautiful morning
Beautiful morning
Beautiful evening
Beautiful evening
photo by: aliciaaa