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Trinidad ruins

There were two tourist sites nearby, both Jesuit ruins and holding the dubious accolade of least visited UNESCO historical sites in the world.

The bus journey was a mere forty minutes to Trinidad and cost five large (7,500 Guaranis = 1 pound sterling), though you have to keep an eye out as the bus stop is on a motorway nearby.

We crossed the motorway and walked three blocks through the tiny hamlet of Trinidad to the tourism office. Inside were four terminally bored looking women in matching tee-shirts. One senorita was checking her face book, two were playing cards and the fourth was just picking her arse (metaphorically) so dragged herself out of her chair to sell us the tickets. We got the feeling that this was probably one of the world’s easiest jobs.

Jesus ruins

We entered the huge ruins - the only people there apart from one guy with a tiny flymo in the middle of the twenty or so acres of grass. We got the feeling that this probably wasn’t one of the worlds easiest jobs.

After a bit of a wander around in the baking sun, stopping for a quick look at the various carvings we decided to head over to Jesus - the ridiculously named town that held the other, older site (300 years old as opposed to 285 - woooooh.)

The local empanada woman informed us that there were no buses, so we got the village taxi (a clapped out Nissan Cherry with a door held on with sellotape) to Jesus for fifteen grand. By this stage I was getting tired of having to open my briefcase and count out the bundles of notes every time I bought something…

The ruins at Jesus were smaller in terms of ground covered, but higher and in my humble opinion more impressive.

We said goodbye to Jesus and hitched a lift, which is shockingly easy to do when accompanied by two nubile Scandinavians. The chico thought we wanted a lift to the gas station about 500 metres around the corner - in fact we wanted the gas station about 15 miles away. He obliged and we bunged him ten gees for his trouble. Back to Encarnation for kebabs (An “Arab sandwich” - not as exciting as it could have been) and bed. Next stop Asuncion, the capital, no doubt a hive of activity…

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Trinidad ruins
Trinidad ruins
Jesus ruins
Jesus ruins
Cold chillin at the bus terminal
Cold chillin' at the bus terminal
Hes twatted! Thats it lads, bala…
He's twatted! That's it lads, bal…
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