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God I look cool, like some sort of stormtrooper or something..

The death road had been closed due to Coca farmers protests but was now re-opened. Me and Irish decided to book our places and have an easy night - best not to be hung over when mountain-biking down ‘the most dangerous road in the world’ TM.

The death road itself was awesome. Almost all downhill, the first section was tarmac road, letting you get bikes so fast that the only way to get any more speed was to duck down to minimise air resistance. This part was wide and even had occasional barriers so overall not too dangerous, but fun.

At the end of this we jumped in the minibus to avoid the uphill section and were dropped at the start of the death road proper. It started to hammer down with rain.

I asked the guide when somebody had last died on the road - I thought it was three years ago or so, so should really be re-named the kind of dangerous road.

Bleak reminder of the death part.

“Cyclists or motor accident?”

“Cyclists I guess”

“August this year”

“Oof. When was the last motor accident??”

“August this year”.

O-kaay. This made me a little bit more wary as we headed off down the single track dirt-road, flanked by incredible drops. The periodic headstones help to heighten the mood as well.

The danger with the death road is that you start off carefully, then as it gets enjoyable start to push things until the point where, if you’re lucky, you go alarmingly wide on a corner but not terminally wide.

After a few hours, one or two christIreallyshouldslowdown corners, soaking clothes and a face full of mud I made it to the bottom. Highly recommended.

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God I look cool, like some sort of…
God I look cool, like some sort o…
Bleak reminder of the death part.
Bleak reminder of the death part.
Super bike team go!
Super bike team go!
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