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What about the boy, Marjorie!? - Best pic I got of the dam.

At the hotel we had met José , a incredibly friendly guy whose parents owned the place. We had mentioned to José that we were going to see the dam and before we knew it he was sat with us at the bus-stop.

As the bus set off, José asked - ‘have you got passports? - You need them to enter.’ - luckily we had.

We then jumped off the bus in the middle of a highway and started walking, apparently the dam was only five hundred metres or so. It was about eleven ‘o’clock.

‘Of course, the dam will not be open until two…’

José ’s timing was... special.

Beautiful Paraguay
We got to the dam visitor’s centre and they confirmed. A tour would leave at 2 pm, although you wouldn’t be able to get off the bus. Furthermore it was not possible to walk anywhere nearby to even just see the damn dam. Damn!

There was a small ethnic market and I got to try some cold mate that an over-excited indigina forced me to drink (he looked so hopeful that I pretended it was really delicious, although it actually tasted like crap) and there was a small forest to walk around with little boards with a bit of info about each of the trees. Top notch.

Our bus was at three, so we had to leave without actually seeing the world’s second biggest dam. We barely had time to have photographs with José , make sure he had everyone’s face book and e-mails (well, the girls.

Little village thing, quite pretty
He wasn't that interested in mine) and a long drawn out goodbye at the station. An all round good egg, and the original player-pimp, to boot.

Five hours to Encarnation,  this was the time that Uruguay came into it’s own. Outside the dirty little border town the country is beautiful; deep red soil, bright green grass and clear blue skies with perfect little fluffy clouds that look too twee to be real.

Despite being the second most impoverished country in the continent, people seem to have more of a sense of aesthetics than most. Well looked after houses, carefully tended trees, gardens bursting with colour and a distinct lack of litter appear to be the norm.

Upon arrival we booked into a hotel next to the bus station - only four quid a night. Although my room had no light, a hole in the wall and a leaky sink. Hot water and toilet paper, though. Touch!

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What about the boy, Marjorie!? - B…
What about the boy, Marjorie!? - …
Beautiful Paraguay
Beautiful Paraguay
Little village thing, quite pretty
Little village thing, quite pretty
photo by: Riz7