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Good times...before the lime

The night I arrived in Cusco I made the mistake of listening to the touts at the station and ended up in a ten sole a night hotel with no running water in the middle of an estate that had posters proclaiming that ‘robbery is not allowed’ - one of those odd little by-laws that some places have…

Needless to say I moved the next morning - again to the Point hostel which had been pretty good so far. The morning that I checked in I bumped into Ivo, who was staying at a hostel next door but had snuck into the Point to use the internet. He had a prior engagement with a Guinea Pig that night, but we arranged to meet up later.

I ended up drinking excessively in the hostel bar with a Welshman. Altitude and two for one generous doubles meant that we were fairly drunk by about 10 p.m., but decided to head out to the Plaza de Armas nonetheless.

As long as you look semi-nonchalant within about 100m of a club, then a little Peruvian fellow will give you free entry and a free drink at whichever venue pays him. We took full advantage of this anomaly, popping in, out and back in various places, knocking back free Cuba Libras on the way. Finally we settled in the infamous Mamma Africa’s. Strange name since it’s 50/50 gringos and South Americans inside.

I was sat mulling over whether to lodge a complaint about the distinct lack of Africans, or indeed Mamma’s, when a Peruvian girl approached me. After the kind of stilted conversation that is only really possible between two people who don’t really speak each other’s languages in a venue where the bass makes your trousers flap, we went for a dance. After a while we went to the bar and she got some vodka redbull shots. She explained that she worked at Mamma‘s, hence the free drinks.

After a few more cycles of dancing and shots I decided to head back before I passed out. I left Welsh-boy in the arms of a tiny local; turns out the next morning she stole his camera and money, leaving him just enough to pay for the hotel, which was considerate.

I met up with Ivo and booked a rafting trip for the day after. This was level 4/5 rapids in a country with a laissez-faire attitude to health and safety, so we decided it would be best to have an easy night. Just a couple of beers at the Pariwana hostel…

It degenerated: A few drinks with some Polish girls, a semi-naked drinking game, ’Jackass Tequilas’ (Salt up the nose and lime in the eye) and I found myself sat at the bar in Mamma Africa’s drinking gratis shots of vodka redbull at 4 a.m. again. This really had to stop.

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Good times...before the lime
Good times...before the lime
photo by: Vlindeke