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I love horses, they're the best of the an-i-mals...

The horse-trekking went fairly well. The guide had a prepared mantra that didn’t allow for questions and also ‘forgot’ helmets as his wife had appendicitis, apparently.

He also had an annoying habit of encouraging the horses to speed up: I usually remedied this by pulling on the reins and putting my horse firmly back into stroll mode (‘spunkyoulater’ is Norwegian for walk slowly, interestingly). One time I wasn’t quick enough which resulted in a minute long gallop, a jump over a ditch, both my feet out of the stirrups and a squashed plum. I didn’t fall off though - score!

Back in the town I got bullied by a street urchin.

‘It’s you!!’


‘Yesterday you say me tomorrow.

White Jesus - controversial
Now it’s tomorrow. Buy a hat.’

(The night before about six kids had grabbed onto my legs trying to stop me from going into an Irish bar without buying chewing-gum off them. I had no change and had said ‘later‘, but couldn’t remember quite where hats came in to it)

There followed about five minutes of banter, most good natured, some not so much, a point where the little girl was shouting ‘yesyesyesyesyesyes…’ as I said ‘nonononononono…’. Ultimately I bought some ethnic socks for 1 dollar and 2 soles.

Turned out ok; I rock the ethnic socks.

I had paid a deposit for the Inca trail, but wasn’t due to set off for about a week. The two Norwegian girls and an Irish guy in my room were talking about doing the ‘jungle trail’ the next day. Even with the loss of my deposit this would be cheaper, meant I wouldn’t waste time (and liver cells) in Cuzco and I’d be going with at least three people I got on with. I signed up, 150 dollars to a guy named Fidel Castro (seriously, on his business card and everything) who hangs around in the town square. I have to admit I was a little skeptical…

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I love horses, theyre the best of…
I love horses, they're the best o…
White Jesus - controversial
White Jesus - controversial
photo by: Vlindeke