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Cochabamba - lovely. isn't it?

La Paz to Cochabamba - 920 km £ 4.10

We had booked our tickets in advance for Cochabamba - five pounds for a seven hour bus ride semi-cama. We guessed we had made an error when we got to the station and were surrounded by people desperately trying to sell last minute tickets

“Cochabamba, Cochabamba, Cocha-bam-baaaaaa…’

The prices were as low as two pounds as we boarded. Never mind.

Cochabamba seemed a little more European than La Paz, although the only real highlights of the city are a big eff-off Jesus statue (marginally bigger than the one in Rio) and an incredible selection of ice-creams.

We met up with a local friend of Irish and boshed back an Italian meal in a bohemian jazz bar and four bottles of good red wine - for less than a tenner per head. Bolivia certainly has its good points…

Just before I left Cochabamba an old woman in a café started talking to me and Irish. She said two things about Oruro:

1. I should be careful in Oruro with my pretty eyes.

I was a little non-plussed that she hadn’t mentioned my awesome nose, but happy to take a compliment (or dire warning) on the odd occasion it comes my way.

2. This is an either/or due to language translation problems. She was from Oruro. Either she had a house there that I was welcome to stay in or Oruro was full of fucking nutters.

I nodded, grinned and said a non-commital ‘si’ then got on the bus, not sure of what to expect.

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Cochabamba - lovely. isnt it?
Cochabamba - lovely. isn't it?
Big Jesus in your face
Big Jesus in your face
The view from the mountain...
The view from the mountain...
photo by: jendara