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Cholita violence

Back in La Paz and I was now becoming a regular at Adventure Brew II. The first day I slept, ate a few saltenas, slept a bit more then went to the main hostel to claim my free dark beers.

A fairly standard night - met a group of Ozzies and Americans, played Mariocart badly, wandered home and grabbed a 30p hotdog off a woman in a tin shack on the way.

As soon as I tried to sleep then my stomach started churning, necessitating a speedy journey to the bathroom.

This happened a few more times until I finally passed into an uneasy sleep. The next morning I felt weak, and the problem had moved downward to become a mild case of the thre’penny bits.

Strange, I would have expected that the seven pints of dark beer should have been enough to kill any germs on the hotdog.

Laying down the smacketh
Bloody food poisoning.

It actually was genuine poisoning. It carried on for a couple of days until I decided upon seeking medical intervention.

The farmacias in Bolivia are a very strange affair. Some things such as Viagra and rohypnol can apparently be bought over the counter - as long as there’s nobody else in the shop (“Oh, what for? - nothing really, erm… just a quiet night in…”), antibiotics are like penny sweets - some corner shops even have them available loose in jars. My personal experience thus far had been an attempt to purchase cough lozenges and being offered prescription drugs for bronchitis - with no instructions or warnings. This time, when I actually wanted something quite beefy, the first pharmacist came up with some blocks of charcoal.

Stick up

I was fairly sure that I wasn’t suffering from radiation poisoning, so I went to another one that gave me some little yellow pills. A day later my stomach was cured, although I did also have a crippling bonk-on and no memory of the previous 24 hours…strange.

On Sunday I decided to check out the weekly cholita wrestling event (cholitas are the little plump women that still wear the strange clothes that the Spaniards foisted on the populace a few hundred years ago).

A short bus journey and I found myself with front row seats to Bolivian wrestle mania - electric.

The first bout was an old tubby guy who looked like he’d popped out of his taxi to pick up a fare and accidentally walked into the ring. He was duly smacked down by a muscular bloke in a leotard and mask.

The second round was more interesting - I think the story was that they were husband and wife. Hubbie was a skinny dude with a comb over in yellow shell-suit bottoms and a string vest - his wife was a chubby cholita who expertly laid down the smacketh.

It carried on for a couple of hours - more cholitas, more spandex, referees joining in, booing, popcorn throwing, planks in faces, testicle grabs, lots of throwing and at some stage one of the women being hurled through a barrier into the crowd. Good clean family entertainment at its zenith.

I’d heard great things from Isla del Sol from Irish so decided to pop in briefly on the way to Lima to see what all the fuss was aboot…


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Cholita violence
Cholita violence
Laying down the smacketh
Laying down the smacketh
Stick up
Stick up
La Paz
photo by: wilfredoc2009