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Top view. Actually it's quite colourful..

The first day in Bangkok went well enough. I arrived at 1 a.m. and checked into the nearest and cheapest hotel with a free taxi. The room cost about fifteen quid and was beautiful - hot shower, big double bed, cable TV, free wi-fi and an English breakfast - farewell overpriced Australia!

In the morning I strolled out onto the balcony and looked over the beautiful sight of the reclamation yard. I then strolled downstairs to find some breakfast. There was a very English looking tattooed mid fifties guy in a wife beater and shorts drinking a coffee in reception, perhaps he would know.

“Hello, do you speak English?”

He slowly looked at me through confused, watery eyes and trembled. After an uncomfortable amount of time he whispered, ‘No tengo’

Excellent - Spanish.

Top T-shirt.

“Hablas espanol?”

This time he looked like he was about to cry. The silent quivering pause time had got too much for me to bear so I just said thank you and walked off, leaving him to his private hell. At least he had a coffee: think how I must have felt, Mister Selfish…

I finally found breakfast - not bad although the bacon and sausage had been surrogated with a hot dog sausage and fried ham.

After learning ‘hello’ (sa-wat-dee) and ‘thank you’ (korp kun) I figured I was ready to be let loose and got a taxi to the Sawadee Smile hotel in town. The taxi driver had no idea where it was and dropped me off somewhere nearby, leading to me accidentally wandering through an off-limits Buddhist monastery before I finally found the place.

I did get to say hello and thank you a lot during the course of asking directions however I also damned myself to reincarnation as a club-footed spider in my next life - a bit of a mixed bag really.

Enter the dragon.

The hotel was pretty dire and had a ladyboy receptionist, however the restaurant next door does good pad-thai noodles for about one pound.

Overall I was quite happy to be back in an amusing yet moderately priced country once again! Rrrrock on.

I met up with Miami (who had enhanced her breasts since our previous meeting - bit of a surprise) and we spent the first day doing nothing in particular - a bit of Thai food and wandering around a hideously busy market. I did learn that apparently the thumbs up gesture is rude in Thailand - unfortunate as this meant I’d already inadvertently told about thirty-eight people to go and screw themselves.

The next day we got a bus to Pattaya for 300 Baht (about 6 quid) and checked into a relatively cheap beachside hotel.

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Top view. Actually its quite colo…
Top view. Actually it's quite col…
Top T-shirt.
Top T-shirt.
Enter the dragon.
Enter the dragon.
photo by: Deats