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Turtle lovin', havin a blaa-ast

As I was scheduled to reach Auckland at four in the morning I had told my cousin I would make my own way to her house - after all everyone spoke English so how hard could it be?

I took the airport shuttle to town and after asking around found a bus that headed to Western Springs.

Once on the bus I figured I could just ask someone on the bus where the street I needed was. Wrong. I asked four people all of whom were foreign (to NZ) and didn’t even know where Western Springs was.

Luckily Madge Bishop the bus driver was very helpful. She explained that Western Springs was quite a big area and did I know anything more than the street name. I didn’t. (It later transpired that my cousin’s house was right next to the zoo, which is the kind of landmark you think she would have mentioned…).

Sky Tower. Cribbins.

Madge then pulled the bus over, whopped out her big mobile and began ringing her mates to find out where the street was, which was very kind of her. As I walked up the street I saw the house number and the doors were open so I made to walk in.

There was a mid twenties hipster perched effeminately in the front room which confused me as he definitely wasn’t my cousin and from what I knew, very unlikely to be her husband. Luckily Hipster knew my cousin, whose house was actually down a little alley to the side (Again, possibly worth a mention…)

I hadn’t seen my cousin for ten years or so, but we got on really well. From my nanna’s (somewhat exaggerated) stories I understood that my cousin had written a best-selling book on cheese and was married to a computer game designer.

Cousin's little house on the prairie
The facts are that she once worked in a cheese shop and her husband’s work involves using computers.

I also heard an interesting story that we had a mad great uncle who buried a hoard of opals in Australia and took the knowledge of their whereabouts to his grave - though given previous exaggerations I won’t be putting too much effort into looking for them…

I spent a few days doing touristy stuff in the day and then eating and drinking with my cousin on the nights.

I managed to cover the zoo (pretty good), the Sky Tower (pretty crap) and Killy Tyrltins Inderwiter Wirld (ind Pinguin Ixpirience), eh? - Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World in non-local speak.

Old Kelly was a bearded nutter who bought an old sewage works, filled it with plastic pipes and water then went out with his mates to catch sharks to throw into his home-made seaworld.

He then decided to also make a mock up of Scott’s Arctic Expedition, shove some Arctic Vehicles in there and fill a big room with ice and penguins. The guides are suspiciously quiet on the subject of how exactly the penguins were obtained…

Next stop Australia, where I’ll have to start paying for accommodation. Zoinks. 

shirlan says:
Haha, glad you found your cousins house!
Posted on: Feb 16, 2011
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Turtle lovin, havin a blaa-ast
Turtle lovin', havin a blaa-ast
Sky Tower. Cribbins.
Sky Tower. Cribbins.
Cousins little house on the prair…
Cousin's little house on the prai…
Oh Kelly Tarlton - you big beardy …
Oh Kelly Tarlton - you big beardy…
photo by: Fulla