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Okey dokey. Not really sure about this blogging thing - I guess I'll just let my words flow like lexical diarrhoea and then try and nail it to the metaphorical ceiling with a few facts.

So I'm currently in London. So far on the to do list I have achieved:

1. Set up a travel blog (I actually started this bit a few weeks ago - really need to re-evaluate my priorities)
2. Bought my 'plane tickets.
3. Booked my Government of Peru pass to go on the Inca Trail. Having pooh-poohed various people who said 'you really should book this early', (to which I replied, 'pooh-pooh') I now find myself doing the trail in October, rather than September which would probably have made more sense. Serves me right.
4. Learnt the numbers 1 to 10, 'sorry' and 'beer' in Spanish.
5. Given up my job (wahey!)

Seems like that should be pretty much everything covered, however looking at my personal organiser (an old envelope with a list scribbled on the back in biro) then I should probably also do the following:

1. Serve notice on the flat.
2. Pack the stuff I'm not taking (which is pretty much everything apart from my underwear)and arrange storage.
3. Close off bills (fun).
4. Get jabs - yellow fever, scarlet fever, saturday night fever, jungle fever and friends f'ever. (Aaah)
5. Sort out anti-malarials - if it can happen to Cheryl Tweedy it could happen to me (not a general rule that I live my life by. Well certainly not since my girl-band went, quite literally, t*ts up after a memorable performance in which I, quite literally, dropped a boll*ck. Stupid miniskirt.)
6. Tell my bank that I'm travelling.
7. Travel insurance.
8. Electro-visa for USA and Oz.
9. Buy lovely, shiny new hiking gear then kick it around in the mud and generally f*ck it up so I look less affluent to would be muggers and bandidos.
10.Probably learn another three of four words of Spanish. I know, I know, overkill, but better to have too much vocabulary than too little.

Best get back to procrastinating.
andrejav says:
Enjoyed reading it !
Posted on: Aug 07, 2011
Saskia007 says:
Well done on getting featured :)
Posted on: Aug 03, 2011
Jopin says:
Love your blog! It's deservedly featured, so congratulations! :D
Posted on: Aug 03, 2011
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