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View from Pont du Carrousel on our way to lunch.
Today we set out early for the Louvre.  We had a more relaxed view of the Opera Garnier and its mix of classical and baroque architecture than yesterday's quick glance from the bus windows. 

The walk down the Avenue de L'Opera was an experience in itself with the all the new impressions of Paris and the Haussmann  renovation of the old medieval streets to wide modern boulevards and city blocks designed to be "........a homogeneous architectural one. The building is not treated as an independent structure, but must make, with the other buildings in its block, if not with all others in the same street or quarter, a unified urban landscape."   I guess if I was alive in the 1850's I would have opposed this transformation but there was no way that Paris could have grown into a major city with the old medieval streets and the end result is beautiful.
Cafe Rue De Verneuil. Getting hungry while touring the Louvre? You can't go wrong to go here.
   Later during our holiday we would drive on streets designed for horses and not cars, especially in Firenze and Spoletto.

The ticket lines at the Louvre were not that bad but it was still good to go right in with the museum passes.   The boys did not need a ticket and we were soon in.

All I can say now about the Louvre is that one of my retirement dreams is to be able to rent an apartment in Paris for a month or two and my day job would be to visit the Louvre each day and spend hours in each room.   The boys definitely wanted to move through faster than we did but they were also impressed and there were a ton of questions coming my way concerning art, history, and the biblical and mythological meanings behind of the art.   I knew a enough to keep them happy but wish I had taken an art course before the trip or had a copy of 
Symbols and Allegories in Art handy. 

Soon enough it was time for a break and we left the museum and crossed the Pont du Carrousel over to the Left Bank to search for lunch.
Desert at Cafe Rue De Verneuil
  While crossing the bridge a young lady tried to pull the wedding ring scam but I just waved her off.  She tried to follow for a second and then went on to find another mark.    At the end of the day, right before we left the Tuileries Gardens Michael found one of these famous rings, abandoned under a tree.  He said it was plastic painted gold.   We were going to keep it as a souvenir but we spotted a couple of shady looking women under a tree nearby and to avoid any potential "he's stealing the ring I lost scam" we just left it behind.  

The area across the bridge was filled with antique stores but not many restaurants seemed to be in evidence.  We wandered a little and were lucky to find a very nice place.  A week or so after originally drafting this entry I finally was able to sort through Michiyo's 2000 plus photos and found the name of this excellent place the Rue de Verneuil Restaurant Cafe.
Makings of a great dinner
The waitress was friendly and when confronted by our almost non existent French tried her best to communicate with us in English.  The cut of pork recommended by the waitress was excellent and everyone enjoyed their meal.

After lunch it was back to the Louvre, this time starting in the Wing Denon and the African Art then on towards the Wing Sully. After getting our fill of art we started home through the Jardin des Tuileries towards Place Vendrome and a stop at a cafe for a cold beer for me,  campari  for Michiyo and sodas for the boys.   At the Place Vendome I wanted to see the Vendome Column and Michiyo took the chance to look around the Hotel Ritz.  Michael was very impressed with the bathrooms but unless he studies hard that might be the last time he gets to go to the bathroom in such luxury.  Dad does OK but I don't think I'll ever be staying at the Ritz unless I hit the Lotto.

Before heading back to the hotel Michiyo picked up a couple of items from Fauchon to complement the food we bought the day before and we had a great dinner in our apartment.

Now time to walk to the Eiffel Tower area via the Place Concorde and catch a tour boat for night time cruise on the Seine.  We caught the 2200 boat and were lucky to get seats outside on the port side.  It was quite a crowd waiting in line with a lot of tour groups.    The cruise was nice and were returned soon after 2300.   Unfortunately the Eiffel Tower was closing down and we would not be going up this trip!

emmllerg says:
Enjoy your next vacation to Paris
Posted on: Jun 02, 2013
ladyluck13and7 says:
See, another helpful tip, don't take rings under trees in paris with strange women looking on!
Posted on: Aug 03, 2010
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View from Pont du Carrousel on our…
View from Pont du Carrousel on ou…
Cafe Rue De Verneuil.  Getting hun…
Cafe Rue De Verneuil. Getting hu…
Desert at Cafe Rue De Verneuil
Desert at Cafe Rue De Verneuil
Makings of a great dinner
Makings of a great dinner
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Notre Dame tower at night.
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