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Trajan's Column
On many of the Rome tourist maps there are ubiquitous advertisements for the Time Elevator.   The boys wanted to go and it sounded interesting to be able to see a visual display of the history of Rome.   Michiyo wanted nothing to do with it so she decided to go looking at the shops while we attended the first showing.   The boys liked the first show on Rome but were not really impressed by the other dinosaur show.   Most adult travelers would probably prefer to spend their time elsewhere, even having a coffee in the cafe but for kids under 12 I think it is a good diversion.

After the show we met up with Michiyo and went to see the Pantheon the stopped by the Piazza Navona.
Genuinely confused on why the waiter allowed him to order a Barcadi Breezer.
   It was getting hot so we grabbed the bus back to Termini Station and had a siesta to try and escape the heat.  In the evening we took the bus to go see Trajan's Column and walked around the Trajan's Market area.   After the Market we walked by Piazza Venezia and wandered through some back streets towards the Tiber River coming out by the wonderful hybrid Teatro di Marcello, which is the remains of an old Roman open air theater on the bottom with an old 16th century palace built on top. 

We proceeded down onto the river bank opposite of Isola Tiberina and stopped for a drink at one of the open air bars.   When the drinks came out I looked over at Michael's order and was surprised to see that he had a bottle of orange Barcadi Breezer.  This was a Barcadi themed bar and I don't know if the waiter had to push those drinks or just thought that 12 year old Michael wanted to knock back a nice refreshing drink but when I told Michael he was really confused on why a waiter would sell a kid a drink.  I guess he just saw the word orange and thought he would get an orange soda. Now granted the Breezer was only 4% alcohol and if he's anything like Dad in a few years he will wish more waiters would let him score a drink...... anyway it was a funny incident and I guess part of the Italian attitude towards alcohol.   No worries as Michael ordered a coke and it wasn't a burden for me to drink his Breezer. 

After the Breezer incident a crowded bus ride home and dinner at the same place we went to the night before.   I'll eventually dig up the information and write a review on the restaurant.

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Trajans Column
Trajan's Column
Genuinely confused on why the wait…
Genuinely confused on why the wai…
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