I really never thought I'd visit this part of the world.

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I don't have a intentional bias against Scandinavia. I think it's akin to most people not having an interest in visiting Africa. I feel that way about Scandinavia - it just didn't interest me. But if most people who don't like Africa are prompted and given a little more information - the wonderful animal parks, the amazing tribal culture, the local art and the diverse ecosystems such as the Sahara desert - they usually reconsider and you're able to get them a little more excited about this place that they've blocked out of their mind.

Scandinavia just sounded cold and a bit boring/regimented to me. But upon closer inspection, it has lot of quality details. Amazing pastries and drinks, beautiful castles, Northern Lights, local food. I got more and more excited reading up on it! Knowing me, I'm going to absolutely fall in love with the place when I actually set foot in it! =P We were thinking where to go from Copenhagen. The choices seemed to take 2 distinct routes:
Copenhagen -> Amsterdam -> Berlin, or alternatively, Copenhagen -> Oslo -> Stockholm. We decided to do the latter since the Scandinavian countries are usually more difficult to get to from mainland Europe.

I love the idea of summers in Scandinavia with their 19 hours of light. But oh it would've been so nice to go when the Northern Lights were visible!! =(

ken2010 says:
You really picked out some of our nicest cities and places in Scandinavia. June and July are even brighter. In northern parts the winter is contrary with 24 hours of total darkness. A luck that the snow up there gives some whiteness. :)
Posted on: Oct 05, 2010
jenn79 says:
you're kidding me David! I can't wait to see =) Thanks for the words of encouragement, as usual =) Hope you've been well!
Posted on: Jul 03, 2010
cneoridium says:
That's what I thought too... but both times I've ended up there (stop-overs in Helsinki and Copenhagen) I've really really liked it.

It's like the anti-Africa, everything's a little too clean and organized and perfect, but that's actually what makes it really interesting to see, just because it's an extreme. They're always dealing with epic problems like optimizing the offshore windfarm or getting the downtown canal water to drinking standards : ) In Copenhagen the public trash cans are painted pleasant colors and have compactors and filters so they don't stink! : ))
Posted on: Jul 03, 2010
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