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Sigh.. I tell myself it couldn't be helped. That it was better to do this before than wait and drag it out. But I was pretty unhappy (which seems to be more often than not!) and so broke things off with the person in my life, who I'm supposed to go to Scandinavia with!

So it's a pretty unhappy day. It never feels good to hurt someone, particularly when they're as sweet and wonderful as Andrew is. But it wasn't right, there was no future for us, and that realization made me all sorts of cranky and unhappy. So part of me feels better for it, and part of me feels worse obviously. It's funny, I knew we were very different, but I didn't realize how many people thought it was such a bizarre match! =) Regardless, he was 100x better than the last 2 years worth of people I've been involved with! So invested and caring.. I do hope we remain good friends - I know I'll try my hardest because he's totally worth it.

Yikes, no more rushing into relationships =( I have to be much, much more careful next time =(

We'll see if Scandinavia still happens. I hope we can still go as friends, but I wouldn't blame him if he changes his mind, and I also don't want to have a terrible time considering the insane price point of this friggin trip!

marksreynolds says:
Very sorry to hear Jenn. Hope all go's well and you get to make the trip!! ((HUGS))
Posted on: Aug 20, 2010
jenn79 says:
That's ok, I hope I go too, but everything happens for a reason. It is better to be honest about things. The stress of being in a relationship that wasn't right was actually stressing me out.

If we go, do you think you can pick us up from the ferry? =) It's not very early! If that's too much we can always find somewhere to meet =)
Posted on: Aug 19, 2010
Quest says:
OMG, Jenn... I'm so sorry to read this. I sure hope you can still go. I've been so looking forward to see you again and I'm sure you'd love my country. Even if it's super expencive...
Posted on: Aug 19, 2010
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