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How often have we gotten those awesome deals via email from an airline, vacation newsletter, cruise specials, Travelzoo, etc. And it's usually always the case that 1) we don't have vacation time 2) we don't have the dough 3) we don't have a travel partner who will brave the unknown with us.

Today was NOT one of those days!

Travelzoo sent out this crazy $399 deal from Iceland Express (who ever heard of this airline - not me! I'll let you all know how it goes) to Gatwick, Luxembourg or Copenhagen. They were advertising this great fare for September and October, but in the fine print, it said that there were a few dates available for July and August, so off I went in search of what dates might work for me but would still have this great price.

It seems like everyone at my nonprofit is going away in August! Kind of the rest before the storm, as when school starts in September, things are going to be CRAZY. I practically work 10 hour days 7 days a week as it is between the nonprofit and the consultancy. It's kinda crazy, when you love something - your mind is constantly circling around how to make things work, how to improve things and make it all better. However, that's the fire that burns when you believe in something, right? We all seemed to need a break before things went into motion again come September.

But when I saw this deal, I had to take it! And here is where having someone in your life that is super supportive can really give you wings. This can take the form of a best friend who's down for everything, a life partner, or a sibling. My wonderful guy was 100% supportive and happy to go with me at literally a moment's notice! So I booked the tickets (no small feat as Europeans charge for every little freaking thing) and we're off we're off! In late August but we're still off! And then I realized that this airfare costs less than our flight to SF this weekend for a wedding. What a riot.

aloneinthecrowd says:
Congrats on your feature :) Norway is amazing, isn't it?
Posted on: Oct 05, 2010
ken2010 says:
Congrats on you featured award AND very nice reading. You really seized the day! :)
Posted on: Oct 05, 2010
Lilliana77 says:
Congrats on your featured!! :)
Posted on: Oct 05, 2010
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