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First time on a cruise trip. I parked the car by the company's park at the Venice tronchetto for 10€ a day, I had read there were cheaper ones elsewhere and buses to get to the port but I didn't wanna risk being stuck in the traffic (btw I met passengers who paid 50€ for a 5km ride from train st./parks to the port, definitely not worth it).
Once checked the luggage outside I ve been given a number. In the waiting lounge some other 30/40 people had that number too and we waited our call to embark and check in.
The plastified Id with your pic on it must be linked to a credit card within 48hrs. This card is a multiporpouse tool: door-key, payments for any bar or service on board, ID for disembark and embark at any port.
The ship is just Huge, so big you spend much of the time on board tring to figure out where you are and how to get to destination.
I concluded that was the intention of the designers: there are 11 floors, 3 set of elevators, plenty of bars,lounges,restaurants,casino,theather,pools.. But you can't just hang around the desired floor and rach place X, because I.E. There a no path from front pool fl.9 to rear pool fl.9. You must go down to fl.4 walk accross the ship and the up again to fl.11.moreover those areas and elevators have all the same fancy "lasvegas" greek style, so you reAlly feel in a labirinth at first.
That said, the quality is great. I was lucky to be assigned a suite room as the basic ones were overbooked. Top floor, glass wall, excellent silence and conforts.

ConsiderAtions on cruise holiday. It can be rated both great or not depending on what u expect. There s mostly families with kids, retired couples and very few young ones on board.
Exaggeretaed quantities of buffet food at almost any time;quality, variety and service are very good aswell.
There are nice shows everynight (acrobats singers dancers magicians) and plenty of activities all day long; cinema,shops ,a library. Videogames, casino, gym.
You won't get bored off course , to the point that for some people That is the actual holiday and they might just stay on board even when the cruise reaches destination. bizarre but true.
Downside of this kind of holiday: it s a hit and run visit. You barely have the time to see top attractions of each city ( 4hrs stay in most of them) .
No chances to enjoy a night out or get to know some local people or traditions; this really sucks if u like to explore cultures.

The excursions organized by the cruise are overpriced and I ll try give some tip in this blog:save money and support local Economies.

A last thought to the real protagonist of the cruise "excellence".
I had bad luck as it s been storming often and i spent indoor most of the time( floods in turkey). Workers were all philipinos, south amErican, Indian and east European;
I saw them working hard all day long, 7days out of 7, and I think that s what they do for 8montgs on a raw with no Many chances to hang "out" during their time "off"(if any).
A lot of respect to them.
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