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The monster

Eventually after four days and flights I arrived in Mombasa and on Kenyan time too i.e. late.  I had booked a flight a couple of months ago with Kenyan Airways to depart Nairobi at 12pm.  All the confirmations I had received were correct however when I got to the airport my flight had departed on time at 10.10am!  Anyway they moved me to the 1pm flight and it eventually departed 1 hour late at 2pm.  I didn't mind but N'Jeri was waiting for me at the airport from 12.45.

First impressions of the real Mombasa is that it seems quite daunting and intimidating.  The majority of roads are dirt tracks with huge pot holes and frequent speed humps.  People sit outside small shacks watching the world and white people go by whilst selling everything possible.
The streets are filthy and small rubbish dumps pop up all over the place.  The local rubbish in Bamburi is fairly big (to say it is just on the side of the road) and is a key meeting point.  It sits on the corner of a T-junction where the matatu's start and finish.

My accommodation is basic, consisting of 1 room with 1 bed, and 2 rooms with twin beds.  One of these rooms with twin beds has an en-suite (in the broadest sense) and that's the room I'm sharing with Mike.  The en-suite has a toilet, a sink and a plastic tub.  There is no running water.  Showers are delightfully pouring a jug of water over yourself whilst standing in the plastic tub.
For some reason I've always wanted to experience living in the Dark Ages or Medieval times and I think this is the closest I could get, although I'm not sure I want to get any closer.
They don't seem to use glass in any windows, just a layer of mesh.
Apparently Olivia (who left on Wednesday) woke up one night to find a small scorpion sitting on the top of her mosquito net.
On my first night after dinner we were greeted by a fairly large spider sitting outside my bedroom door and as you all know how fond of spiders I am I was delighted by this!  I can't remember quite how big it was although I want to say it was about the size of a medium sized dog, though I think it was more like a bit smaller than my hand.
After brave Mike had started looking for a jug to pick the thing up with he soon realised that that wasn't going to work for two reasons 1) The spider was too bloody big and 2) it was very very fast.  When it should its pace yours truely shrieked bravely and hid behind Mike (in order to make a surprise attack on the spider - not purely to hide at all)
Following the scream Mrs Kieri (the wife of the
household) came to investigate who was being attacked (They have a 6yr old and may have thought it was her) and by theis time Ellen (Mikes not quite g/f who's also 17) joined me in several chants of "kill it kill it kill it". 
Luckily Mike then fought for men everywhere
and ran for his camera, before getting the deet spray which angered the beast.  This almost paralysed
it as Mrs Kieri watched and laughed, then a quick slap on its head from Mrs Kieri's
flip flop and the incident was over, unfortunately for me at least the
nightmares and re-living it have begun!

As a general tourist if you wandered into this part of Mombasa you would feel out of place and not so safe.  The good thing is that it is perfectly safe here and nearly everyone is very welcoming.  You can't walk down the street without someone saying hello, jambo or how are you?

More to come about the orphanage soon.

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The monster
The monster
photo by: Spikeyboots