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TOTAL CASH IN HAND £116.00, $206.00

Cash converted

11th June - £42.96 at 1.42 = $61.00
10th June - £103.13 at 1.406 = $145.00

Hall of fame (Those who have donated). Thank you so much to all of you:

Anda Beitibva                           £5.00
Angela Gomez                                 £3.00
Anonymous                                     £6.09
Brendon Francis                              £5.00
C Mayer                                        £10.00
Claire Guilbert                                 £5.00
Darren Batiste                                £5.00
Elizabeth Millie                                £2.00
G Green                                          £2.00
Glenn Bradshaw                             £5.00
Helen Le Billon                                £2.00
Itchyfeet Recruitment Agency     £100.00
Jan Louis Raath                            £10.00
Janelly Le Maitre                             £5.00
Janice Fitzgerald                             £2.00
Jayne Downes                                £2.00
Jodie Knott                                     £2.00
L Le Page                                       £2.00
M. Wood                                         £5.00
Maria Soler                                   £20.00
Mark Bristowe                                £5.00
Matt Birtwistle                                £5.00
Michael Maguire                            £25.00
Miles Kimber                                   £3.00
Rebecca Gavey                               £2.00
Rose Mahy                                      £5.00
Sarah Tough                                 £10.00
Stephanie Frankland                      £5.00
Steve Kinn                                      £2.00
Tracey Le Poidevin                          £2.00

As you are all aware I am going travelling soon (after months of changing dates).  One of my first stops is working in an orphanage in Mombasa and what I would very much like to do is raise funds which can be used to improve the quality of life the children have in the orphanage.  This could be either through new school text or writing books, sports equipment, games or anything which I together with the staff at the orphanage think is appropriate.

I have spoken with the organisation that I have arranged the volunteer work with and they have advised that one of the best ways at the moment is to just collect the money and buy the items over there.  They are limited with the options regarding card payments although it is possible.

I appreciate and am fully aware that donating cash would be very trusting but that is what I am asking for (if you want to make a payment by card please email me and I will give you the details).  What I plan to do is itemise every donation I receive and provide a full and comprehensive breakdown of where the money is spent, together with photo evidence.  You will be able to keep track of this on my travel blog:

A high percentage of children in Mombasa lack a basic education and the average wage is roughly $400 per year with millions living on less than $1 a day.  I'm not going to be in Mombasa with the view of combating poverty but with the view to help a few children and adults enjoy life more - though you'd still be surprised at how much they smile compared to us!  Those that will benefit will principally be the orphanage and any organisation that I stumble across that is for the benefit of the community (maybe a youth or sports club).

You can contact me on the travel blog above if you have any questions or just speak to me!
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