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this is a repost from my facebook notes...

Moroccanisms/what i miss about moroccoby Rossy Mendez on Thursday, August 20, 2009 at 2:00pmYou know you are in morocco when..
1.You have to be able to speak to people in at least three languages. You start the conversation in french,some screaming in english and some flirting/good wishes in arabic.
2. You get on a dinghy bus where you have to pay for luggage that is strapped to the top of the bus only to be thrown down for you to catch at your designated stop.
3. You bargain for everything including water and food.
4. You have to squat to pee in a turkish toilet only to find out that what is provided is a water bucket instead of toilet paper and instead of soap there is detergent for your hands.
5. Your pondering whether the tea you got offered at every store has kif in it because you just can't stop smiling and you want to buy everything you see.
6. You are scrubbed down and expected to be flexible in the local hammam.
7. You ask other tourist for directions because you are in a city where people expect you to pay for everything even pointing you to the right direction even if it is directly in front of you.
8. You get on the air conditioned train only to find out there is no air conditioning, the train company has sold more tickets that they shouldve --so that there are people with their luggage on the halls of the tiny train including some lady covered head to toe in 100 degree weather, some perverted man and some lady with screaming children-- even worse you cant use the bathroom bc it reeks and there are at least three people smoking within 30 ft of you.
9. You arrive at the airport and try to get out only to find out the workers dont know what gate you should be checking out of either. You proceed to spend three hours looking for your exit only to find out it was right where you thought it was the whole time.
10. You realize how much of a tourist you are being bc when you ask for directions to a stupid site like Diabat where Jimi Hendrix went to and you are told, "Why do you want to go there? Theres nothing to is very bad"
11. You can seemingly trade in a cell phone for a carpet or a dress.
12. You try to take a picture of the strange local acts in marrakesh only to be chased down by a guy with his monkey.
13. You meet a berber kid in the desert who sings you the words to Akon's I wanna f%$* you.
14. You see herbal cures from everthing like stress to viagra..
15. Orange juice vendors line the street selling the same exact thing at the same exact price and strangely enough most of them are crowded.
16. You eat a tajine for lunch and a tajine for dinner and you are still not sick of them.
17. You find it interesting that women can cover up head to toe and find the youth partying the night awayto the latest hits in a medieval city.
18. You bond with your camel crossing the sahara and wonder how the heck do these berbers know where they are going.
19. You drink mint tea every day with every meal in 100 degree weather and strangely enough you need to have it.
20. You can meet a taxi driver that speaks five languages and get the inside scoop on the city.
21. You dont know who IS straight and who IS not because men are not afraid to hold hands and show brotherly love for each other.
22. You learn the power of the words La, Shukran(no thank you) when someone is haggling you.
23. You can go into a mosque like Hassan II and have no doubts in your mind and feel a connection to God regardless of your personal beliefs.
24. You survived the tizi'n test pass without pucking or passing out, or falling off the mountain because you are in a winding road in a very high distance driving at very unsafe speeds.
25. The moon and the sun are both shining bright at the same time in the sahara desert.
26. You realize there you can count the amount of fat people in the entire country.
27. You find the picture of the king at every restaurant and plastered upon every gate of the city.
28. You dont know the people your traveling with on whose car your in but by the end of the trip you know each other's middle names.
29. It is not strange that a guy has asked you to marry him, share his shop and say he felt a chemistry since the moment he saw you even though you barely know his name.
30. you find people that are extremely kind or extremely rude and you know how to deal with them both.
31. You gasp in horror and yell to the owner that paying ten dirhams for a large water is "trop cher" or too expensive even if it totals less than 1.50 us.

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