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From the Maracas viewpoint, west along the north coast of Trinidad, with Venezuela in the distance
We took a drive up and along the north coast today. The road out of Port of Spain first passes up a valley full of houses and shops along the road, from the most basic huts to grand gated estates near the golf course. It gradually winds up the hills, getting narrower and rougher until there is a turn off to the left. Just at the turn there is a great view back the way you came.

From here the road goes more or less level for a while through the rain forest, before slowly running down to the coast. When it reaches the cliffs, the trees drop away and you get a fantastic view both ways along the coast, with the tip of Venezuela visible in the distance - you realise it's not very far away!

From the viewpoint it is a short drive down to reach Maracas beach, Trinidad's most tourist-oriented spot, with changing facilities and lots of vendors selling food (especially Shark & Bake) and drinks.
Rain Forest in the Northern Ranges of Trinidad
Leaving Maracas, the road suddenly becomes a lot more rustic - definitely SUV territory again!

The coast is covered by mixtures of jungle and villages, until you reach Blanchiseusse. The road does go on a bit further but we stopped at an old suspension bridge. The car wouldn't break the bridge going over it, but the massive nails holding it together might break the tyres!

After getting out to look and then running back from the rain, we took the road across the mountains to Arima. This let us get a better feel of the rain forest, taking the best part of an hour to go around 25km. The strange thing is the lack of animal life - at least noisy animals. The only thing we could hear were about two species of birds (that's all it sounded like anyway - I'm not a bird watcher!)

Overall, the north coast and the northern ranges of Trinidad are about as far removed from the hustle and bustle of Port of Spain, and the industrial landscapes down the west coast as you can get. A beautiful place - probably even more so in the dry season!
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From the Maracas viewpoint, west a…
From the Maracas viewpoint, west …
Rain Forest in the Northern Ranges…
Rain Forest in the Northern Range…
photo by: paulmclaughlin