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looking up just before the eating pavilion
Sunday morning involved a slightly later wake-up time than the previous three days.  Along with the rest of my friends, I packed up most of my stuff.  Breakfast was the leftover food, and I found myself eating less than on the work days.  I wasn't as hungry; maybe my body subconsciously knew that the day would not be as physically hard.  After breakfast I finished my packing and checked around the bunkhouse to make sure I wasn't leaving anything behind.  At first I had my suitcase and my duffel but thanks to some rearranging and sitting hard on the suitcase, I managed to shove everything into just the large suitcase.  I knew I would have time in San Diego to actually rearrange my luggage in a set-up where I could actually find things.
worship team gathering
  All packed I maneuvered my luggage down to the basketball court where it waited with other bags for loading onto the buses in about an hour.
This morning the warehouse was set up in rows of chairs facing the platform.  Over to the left a pile of sleeping bags and pillows was forming, donations from team members for the people of the valley where we had worked.  Our teen boys continued to help carry items up into the storage space in the warehouse "attic."  Our praise band gathered on stage and after a few minutes everyone joined in worship.  After the two songs Pastor Dennis stood up to speak for a short bit.  His message of servanthood fit well with our time in Mexico.  We then took Communion, little cups of grape juice, tiny squares of wheat bread.
the fence
  We finished the service with a time of sharing experiences, moments from the last few days.  How a group pulled together to build a home even after their leader fell sick.  How a teenager worried about raising the $800 for the trip but now saw the mission as priceless, worth far more than its price tag.  How a woman at the airport in San Diego recognized our group as the one that built a home for her mother-in-law.  How we needed to continue challenging ourselves to help others once we had returned to our normal comfortable lives.
Leaving went smoothly.  We put our bags under a bus, took a final restroom stop, one last glance for forgotten items in the sleeping area.  Ashley and I sat together, Colleen and Denise in front of us.  We noticed Krista, Mark, and Emily hanging around one of the vans and watched with surprise as they got in along with Tina and her boyfriend.  Putting two and two together, we realized that they had chosen to stay behind in Mexico for several more hours with the San Diegoans to finish the garden boxes that we had not had time for yesterday.  Knowing Krista's work ethic, we weren't surprised they were staying, just a little surprised that they hadn't told us.
We settled in for the ride, this time along the toll road which kept us closer to the border.  As I looked up into the hills, I could see the fence separating the US from Mexico.  It stretched for miles, a bit surreal to see something that we heard politicians in DC discuss from afar but now was just across a narrow valley.  The road turned from the valley on our approach to Tijuana.  Our minutes in Mexico dropped away as the bus rolled on.
vances says:
Travels across land and travels for the soul. Great voyage and great write up and thank you for sharing!

Posted on: Jul 09, 2010
huibdos says:
Real Communion=love is priceless
Posted on: Jul 06, 2010
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looking up just before the eating …
looking up just before the eating…
worship team gathering
worship team gathering
the fence
the fence
photo by: diisha392