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Matt, Heather, Steve at our new "campsite"
Sitting in the window seat as we approached Vegas, I watched the ground for glimpses of the Strip.  I managed to glimpse a few of the casinos, the Luxor sticking out most prominently.  The plane landed and we listened to the flight attendant give directions for those getting off and those staying onboard.  However, a minute later she came back on the PA system and announced that the plane was being redirected to go back to California, Oakland this time, so everyone had to get off.  Josh thought it was a joke at first, but soon we were walking into the airport and literally across the hall (cutting through the food area first) to our new gate.  We set up camp near the windows.  I had to get a picture of the slot machines in the airport even though I'm pretty sure no one in our group took a chance on them.
the slot machines
  We tried to persuade Dennis to play one but he pointed it that it probably was not a good idea for the pastor on a church trip to play the slots.  I played a little bit more Dutch Blitz with two of the girls (really works better with four people) and then hopped over to Burger King, this time getting some chicken nuggets (shaped like crowns of course).  Our flight got delayed about forty minutes (maybe an hour?), but we were patient.  I think it helped that we knew we would be first on the plane when it did load.  We stuck mostly together again, this time sitting closer to the front of the plane than on our earlier flight.
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Matt, Heather, Steve at our new c…
Matt, Heather, Steve at our new "…
the slot machines
the slot machines
Las Vegas
photo by: maka77