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Walking between concourses in Atlanta

Travel Day.  My family and I left home at 6 this morning so we could be at the airport by 8 for my 10 o'clock flight.  Traffic wasn't too bad, but we did get into St. Louis at morning rushhour.  I got checked-in (no, I'm not comfortable with online check-in yet) and found my family (I'm 27 years old, and my mom, dad AND sister came with me to the airport even though I was only going to be gone less than a week).  We had a little time to kill so Dad got his shoes shined, but as we waited, the line got longer at security.  I went ahead and said goodbye and went through security.  With a brand new passport in hand, I didn't have any problems whatsoever and went to the gate.  Our flight to Atlanta was delayed about a half hour due to the plane's late arrival, but we managed to arrive on time.

Watching the runway
  It's a relatively quick flight, taking just over an hour.  At the request of the flight attendant, I let other passengers go ahead since I knew I'd have five hours in the world's busiest airport.

I wasted about an hour walking through the concourses, waiting on my flight to Managua to appear on the board.  Once it did, I headed to the T Concourse, grabbed a bit to eat, read a little in Breaking Dawn (yes, a monstrocity of a book to travel with, but one of my favorites), journaled a little and I still have over an hour until boarding.  Moving to the gate, I managed to get a review in Spanish by listening to the two different missions groups traveling to Nicaragua.

dill salad at the airport
  It seemed to come back to me relatively easy.

The flight from ATL to Managua took just over three hours.  Even though we were given complimentary movies, being an international flight AND there were two I really wanted to see (Alice in Wonderland -- love, love, love Johnny Depp! and Valentine's Day), I couldn't help but fall asleep, and slept most of the way.  We landed about 7:30, after a turbulent half-hour.  We flew over a storm, so it was a bit bumpy (making the lady next to me, who had never flown, rather nervous; call me crazy, but I like the bumps).  Plus, I saw lighting from the sky, which I thought was kinda cool. 

Nellie had explained to me the immigration process coming through the airport, so I somewhat knew what to expect.

  I purchased the $5 tourist card, got my passport stamp and proceeded to baggage claim, praying my bag was there.  It was.  I exited the airport to a CROWD of people, but Nellie marched right up to the door and claimed me.  We threw my luggage in the back and hopped in the car and headed to a traditional Nicaraguan restaurant that they enjoy.  I was taught the difference in platano preparations, and chose the murado, the sweet platano.  Plus, I was introduced to gallo pinto.

I'd had a long day of it, but when we got to their house, Nellie, Jaimie and Emily wanted to play Settlers, a game they are addicted to, so I stayed up and played.  It didn't make  any sense to me; probably because I had traveled all day.  I hit the air mattress on the livingroom floor soon after and was out like a light.


*Note: hopefully I will have pictures to post.  I had some technical difficulty with my memory card, and hopefully can find a techie that can recover the pics off it.  Otherwise, the first half of my trip is lost.


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Walking between concourses in Atla…
Walking between concourses in Atl…
Watching the runway
Watching the runway
dill salad at the airport
dill salad at the airport
photo by: swhayden