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The day started at twenty after four, when Nellie woke me up.  I got showered and ready to go.  We left for the airport by 5:30, even though we were going to leave at five.  (Jay doesn't exactly get in a hurry to do anything.) 

I got checked in without any problems; I was able to keep my Nicaraguan visitor's card with me without losing it or misplacing it.  After getting checked in, I did a whirlwind shopping spree for souvenirs.  I was able to find some trinkets for myself (including a gorgeous collectible doll) as well as gifts for my family.

Jay and Nellie stayed with me until I was to the security checkpoint. It was more of an emotional good-bye than I expected. I don't actually know Jay and Nellie all that well, but they were so gracious as to let me come and visit.

  Plus, I wanted to contribute to their Sunday school efforts and they really appreciated that, making Nellie and I both teary-eyed for knowing what the future could possibly hold for the children.

On my way to the gate, I grabbed a pineapple pastry.  I got to the gate just before boarding, so I saved it until I was on the plane.  As the plane filled, I was lucky enough to hope that my row was empty.  Sure enough, the plane wasn't full and I had my entire section to myself, much easier to fall asleep.  I did notice our flight pattern over Cuba (it was dark when we flew over coming down),  so I wanted to wake up just before going over.  Knowing that, I didn't fall completely asleep, and was able to take some pictures of the forbidden land because I'm afraid that's as close as I will ever come to Cuba.

  After I got the pictures, I relaxed and fell asleep.

I was afraid of my connection time in Atlanta.  I had just an hour and a half to get off the plane (from the back, no less), claim my luggage, go through customs, re-check my bag, go through security and get to the gate.  But, while I was waiting to get off the plane, I overheard a group discussing the connection time for the St. Louis flight.  Oh, good -- they won't leave a whole group behind!  I got through customs like a pro.  My saving move was taking the stairs rather than the escalator to bypass 50 people.  I made it to the gate with a little time to spare, even having time to grab a blueberry muffin from Seattle's Best Coffeeshop.

The flight from Atlanta to St.

Louis was uneventful, I slept most of the way.  (If you haven't noticed, that is how I like to spend my time on airplanes).  Every time I go to baggage claim, I'm always afraid my luggage won't be there.  It was, BUT my parents were not.  So, I had to go outside to passenger pick-up and wait for them.  No big deal, just basking in the hot St. Louis sun and humidity. 

The funny thing was, for some reason I just wanted to ride in the truck, that's all I'd been thinking about for a couple days.   And I got to... Dad had been on a job in Missouri and Mom picked him up in Lebanon to come to the airport.  That's why they weren't there when I arrived.   I got to ride with him home from there.

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