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We flew into a town called Miri from Mulu where we were meant to be boarding a plane to Kuching. We arrived into Miri with hours to kill at the airport as we took a morning flight from Mulu and had an evening flight to Kuching. We spent the day lounging around in the airport, finally it reached 7 p.m and we decided to go through customs etc as our flight was leaving at 9 pm. Upon going through we noticed that our place had been delayed to 10.30, only an hour or so more in the airport so we didnt really mind. However, it got to 10 and then the flight was delayed to 12.

55. At 12.35 the flight was cancelled and we were absolutely irate having just wasted a whole precious day in the airport for absolutely no reason. Air Asia were pretty appauling and took about 2 hours to check everyone into hotels. Luckily we were one of the first people in the que so were in a random hotel and asleep by 1.40 am. The next day we were back at the airport and thankfully checked into the first flight leaving for Kuching. The flight was only an hour and we were glad to finally touch down in Kuching.

So far, Kuching is the nicest city that we have been to in Borneo, the buildings have character, there are alot of restaraunts, great craft shops and museums and markets to take up time. For New Year we decided to go to a posh restaraunt called Bla Bla Bla, OK so the names a bit questionable but it was actually really good and cost about 20 pound, which is really expensive for this part of the world seeing as our average meal comes in at about 3 pound altogether. After dinner we went to a bar called Piccadillys and I had my first Malibu and Coke of the trip, it was bliss, after a few drinks me and Ben were slightly tipsy and had come up with a whole new life for ourselves where we were going to set up a bar called Filth and serve weird cocktails with dirty names such as toxic tampon served in weird things like frozen condoms.... completely not where either of our interests lie and very random but for new years eve, this was our amazing dream that was going to take London by storm... alcohol does funny things to you when you havent had a tipple in a while...

Sadly we didnt make it to midnight and by 11.30 were passed out in the hotel... Happy New Year!! Overall 2010 was a fantastic year and we have high hopes for 2011 although we are starting the year travelling so not sure yet how we are going to top it, the end of this year may prove slightly dissapointing (with the exception of seeing everyone back home and catching up with everyone we have missed).

After the high that was New Years we decided that some retail therapy was needed so wondered around the vast amount of handicraft shops selling amazing crafts from the many tribes that inhabit this part of the world. We managed to blow 200 pound on a few items that we fell in love with, feel slightly bad about the lack of funds we now have but we havent bought anything for ourselves for a while and thought, we are only here once, so had a few moments of madness, thought f**k it and are now just hoping that it all clears customs ok.

We also checked out the weekend market which mainly sold food, sadly alot of this was fish which smelt worse than anything i have ever experienced in my whole life, I actually nearly suffocated myself whilst trying not to inhale any of the offending odor. We also headed to the Sarawak museum which houses something Ben was really excited to see.... the contents of a large crocodiles stomach. This included a HUGE hairball, a persons watch and a dental palate... exciting stuff!! We also saw some stuffed animals which all looked terrifying and like they had been prepared by blind people. The museum also housed a model of a long house which you could walk around which was quite cool, it had choice items like human skulls wound in leaves dangling from the ceiling (apparantly a show case of strength in how many people you have killed), various parts of animals, nicely woven baskets and various wood carvings.

The city has a really nice relaxed atmosphere and most people are quite happy to see you, saying hello and smiling at you which is yet another thing I am not looking forward to about returning to England. We have got so used to the kindness of strangers, people everywhere we have been smile and say hello, in England if I said hello and smiled at a random man he would probably either return with a phrase like "how much" or just completely blank me and continue on his way which is just completely ridiculous and really sad.

Whilst Kuching has been a great stopping place we arent really city people so really looking forward to moving on to our next destination... Bako national park.

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photo by: aotw