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Well its 11.15pm and I´ve just arrived in my hostel in San Jose and I´m sweating. Its muggy as fuck here and my room doesn´t have aircon. Brilliant. I´ve been on the go since 7am this morning and Im in a shitty mood, mostly because of having to wait around all day for various things. My first flight from Madison was delayed by an hour and a half for some unexplained reason so I got to Dallas with very little time to spare. So I ran through the airport to make my connection (just) only to sit on the runway for an hour and a half while they figured out what was wrong with the aircon. I took a sleeping tablet on the plane cause I couldn´t be arsed sitting through a four hour flight with a bunch of school kids giggling and poking eachother behind me but that didn´t do nothing other than make me yawn all the time cause anytime I tried to sleep the hostesses pushed into me as they walked up the aisle. My seat was broken too it wouldn´t stay up straight so I was in the most uncomfortable position for the whole flight. Then it comes in to land and has to have 3 goes at it cause of a low cloud  putting an extra 40 minutes on the flight. Then I get to my hostel and the skankiest bitch prostitute tries to be all sexy and alluring at me and fails miserably. I think all the good karma I´ve enjoyed over the last 2 weeks has finally come back and bitten me on the ass. Lets just hope thats the end of it and I can enjoy myself proper over the next 3 weeks.  

Right thats the end of my rant, last night being my last night in Madison, Sarah made it her mission to ensure I went out on a big one so we got a keg and played a round of kegball. It´s kind of like baseball only you kick a football. And all the players have to have a beer in their hand at all times. The keg sits on 2nd base and you have to chug your beer and refill every time you get to it. Sounds simple enough and it is, but its the punishments for breaking the rules which make it really fun. If you run out of beer by spillage or other means you have to do a 10 second keg stand. It´s better if I just post a pic of me doing one rather than try and explain. Of course I didn´t actually do anything wrong to deserve one other than be on holiday and leaving the next day which is fine by me.

So thats the craic, Im going to see who I can find to play with in this crazy town.

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photo by: DaveSwede